Buckingham Walking Frame Caddy image

Buckingham Walking Frame Caddy imageAs Britain prepares for EU exit, Buckingham Healthcare has now taken full control of the manufacture and distribution of its Buckingham Walking Frame Caddy by bringing production back over to the UK.

The Buckingham Caddy has been manufactured under license by Performance Health as part of a long-standing agreement, but it will now be manufactured in the UK for Buckingham Healthcare.

However, Performance Health will remain the main distributor for the Caddy, ensuring a smooth transition for existing customers.

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Buckingham Healthcare has decided to switch manufacturing back to the UK for several reasons. Most notably, emphasises the company, is the protection from currency movement.

The Buckingham Caddy is predominantly sold in the UK and with the ongoing Brexit negotiations, currency fluctuations have become increasingly volatile. So, the company says that manufacturing in the UK reduces the impact of this as Britain prepares to leave the EU.

Brexit uncertainties have become increasingly tense recently, as Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal was voted down in a substantial defeat in the House of Commons, leading many companies to cry out for more certainty.

Andrew Stevenson, Interim Director General of the BHTA, highlighted the impact of Brexit uncertainties on businesses, particularly those that import and export or that rely on others who are trading internationally.

The decision to move production over to the UK was recently echoed by Medstrom Healthcare, which cited that the move would give its customers a number of benefits as well as grant “a level of security against the uncertainties and risks relating to Brexit”.

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare has also shifted the production of its electric profiling beds to the UK, stating that it would ensure improved manufacturing efficiencies and product quality.

Moving the manufacturing to the UK also gives Buckingham Healthcare greater control over the production process and allows the company to be more reactive to market demand.

The Buckingham Caddy was the first product designed by Buckingham Healthcare Founder Chris Buckingham. It consists of a tray and storage container, allowing the walking frame user to safely carry personal items and meals easily and with confidence.

The Caddy is now widely distributed in the UK through a network of distributors, NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, mobility retailers and online retailers.

Chris commented: “Bringing the Caddy back under our management allows us to focus on future development and distribution. UK based production gives us greater control over the production process and allows us to react to changes in demand. This also allows us to protect our customers from currency fluctuations as Britain prepares to exit the EU.”

Dorset-based Buckingham Healthcare specialises in designing and manufacturing aids to daily living and healthcare related products.

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