Handicare Artira
The Artira curved platform lift

One of the world’s largest manufacturers and installers of stairlifts, Handicare prides itself on acting on both positive and negative feedback on its products and how they perform from its own engineers and commercial partners, as well as health professionals and of course the users themselves.

The latest addition to Handicare’s stairlift portfolio is a new twin-rail curved lift, as well as Garaventa Lift inclined platform lifts and the straight X3 and curved Artira. UK Sales & Marketing Director Paul Stockdill shares more detail about the lifts and related services designed to make life easier for Handicare’s partner network…

What are the main differences between the previous twin-rail design and the new 4000 curved stairlift?

“A huge focus for the R&D team during the design process has been on improvements to the ease of installation and maintenance, as well as ride performance and aesthetics on the stairs. But there’s much more to the design of the 4000 than first meets the eye.

“Making sure our stairlift is fit for the future was a key objective for the project team responsible for the new twin-rail design. We’ve taken the elements that made our previous twin-rail design unique in the market and improved them to make the lift more reliable and sustainable and to improve fitability; plus, it more than complies with the higher EN81-40 safety standards.

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“Increasing the weight capacity was an important feature that makes the 4000 perfect for installations where this is a priority. The standard model now offers a 136kg capacity. The heavy-duty model at 160kg is a first for a Handicare curved lift, and even more reason to choose Handicare as the automatic choice of partner for dealers.

“Under the cover there’s a simplified electrical scheme, reductions in the number of loom connectors and trunnions, improved trunnion guards, a re-designed seat stem bracket, a lighter powerpack, an independent OSG, more safety edges, a new slow/soft stop feature, a pre-installed footrest (choice of three: large, small and offset) and fewer stronger stanchions (on the standard model).

Handicare's Paul Stockdill
Paul Stockdill, UK Sales and Marketing Director for Handicare

“All this adds up to a significant improvement that goes beyond styling; although, with new modern powerpack covers, and a choice of seats, upholstery and rail colours the 4000 is definitely better-looking than its predecessor.”

What kind of feedback have you had from installers and users?

“By putting the end user at the heart of what we do, we’re able to create products and services that meet their needs. We ask for feedback from installers and users so that we can make sure our products are meeting their expectations and providing them with the best possible experience.

Engineers and partners who have already installed the new 4000 are excited to offer it to their customers, while users have praised its smooth ride and good looks.

“Feedback from engineers completing the 4000 training included comments: “Looks like it’s built with engineers in mind,” and “much easier to work on”. Stairlift users have praised the ride quality and the lift’s ability to “blend in with the décor”.”

Have you made any updates to any of your existing bestselling products?

“Handicare’s best-in-class photo measurement tool, PS4D, now includes the 4000 and the Garaventa Lift curved platform lift, the Artira.

“Adding the Artira to the measurement tool makes life easier for partners quoting and installing inclined platform lifts for stairs with multiple landings or turns. The development is part of our Sell Serve Support initiative launched earlier this year. Partners now have access to Garaventa Lift products through their existing stairlift sales, service and support teams and, with some of the industry’s shortest lead times, they’re already seeing the benefits of sourcing platform lifts via Handicare.

“Soon we will include 4000 and Freecurve stairlift prices in PS4D so partners can give their customers an accurate quote at their first appointment.”

What types of support and online training are available for lifts?

Handicare lift
The 4000 curved stairlift

“Technology has revolutionised the way engineers work and troubleshoot problems. Our Technical Support team are highly respected, but also very busy, so to make it easier for partners’ teams to get help when they most need it our online TechTool troubleshooter gives engineers 24/7 access to solutions including the new 4000 lift if they need them.

“For experienced engineers installing and servicing the 4000 stairlift, a new online training course, available since the end of 2022, makes it quick and easy for them to gain the knowledge they need when it’s convenient for them. There’s also an online course about the changes we’ve made to our single-rail Freecurve lift, available later this year.”

How is Handicare adapting its products to fit new EU stairlift regulations?

“Handicare’s R&D teams have been conducting development and testing, using custom-designed new rigs, to monitor performance not just against the latest revision of the European Standard, but also the wide range of international standards our products comply with.

“Careful analysis and development of all our products has been on-going. All Handicare stairlifts (1000, 1100, 4000 and Freecurve) meet the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and where appropriate are additionally certified to EN81-40 and other standards.

“Detailed information about product updates has been shared with our partners and our new two-way voice communication device will be available for all stairlifts soon.”

Can you tell us anything new that Handicare is doing in relation to its partner network?

“Shopping for a new lift can be an overwhelming experience, especially if customers aren’t able to see the product in person. We’re making it easier for customers to have access to all the information they need in order to make an informed decision without leaving their homes. With the introduction of the 4000 comes a new package of marketing materials including demonstration videos highlighting key features of the lift.

“Our new product demo films give customers a look at how easy it is to use the lift, as well as features including the safety edges, manual and powered seat swivel and footrest.

“A selection of lifts from our Savaria portfolio are on display at our Kingswinford showroom, and we’re welcoming more partners and in some cases their customers for product demonstrations in person. The new films give that showroom experience without the inconvenience of travel.

Handicare outdoor lift
The 4000 curved stairlift

“Until the end of August, we’re also offering an extended warranty on approved orders of 1000, 1100, 4000 and Freecurve lifts. We want to give partners peace of mind about the products they’re choosing to buy from us and to say thank you for their continued loyalty.”

Meet the 4000 Curved Stairlift

The 4000 Curved Stairlift comes with four modern seat options and a choice of upholstery and rail colours. It can be easily upgraded with a powered seat swivel and footrest options to suit the user’s needs. Compact, the stairlift folds to leave more room on the stairs when not in use. A hinged rail allows clear access on the lower level.

Safety features include seatbelt options, an emergency stop and safety sensors. It also comes with improved UV protection and a water-resistant cover (IP44 rated). Energy efficient, its low running costs and batteries enable it to remain operational if there’s a power cut.

For more information on Handicare’s next-generation curved stairlift, the 4000, visit www.handicare-stairlifts.co.uk or www.handicarepartners.com.

Handicare showroom
Lifts from the Savaria portfolio are on display at Handicare’s Kingswinford showroom
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