Medstrom House new production facility in Derbyshire
Medstrom House

After seeing success with its ultra-low 5000 specialist profiling bed since its launch in 2015, Medstrom Healthcare has announced plans to start manufacturing the range from its new manufacturing facility from early 2019.

The UK’s only independent provider of bed management services and products to the NHS, Medstrom’s 5000 range has enjoyed a successful 2018 with a record number of the beds sold, including 800 bought by the Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in July and 750 sold to Cardiff and Vale University Health Board at the end of 2018.

The company will now move its manufacturing of the popular range to its brand-new facility, Medstrom House, located close to the company’s headquarters in Castle Donnington, with production scheduled to commence in early 2019.

The decision will provide its customers with a number of benefits says Medstrom, as well as grant “a level of security against the uncertainties and risks relating to Brexit” and help boost the local economy.

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In 2018, a number of manufacturers reported moving elements of its production back into the UK, with a weaker pound making British exports more competitive in global markets.

Recently, Drive DeVilbliss moved the manufacturing of its range of electrically profiling beds produced for its French sister company to Leeds, citing manufacturing efficiencies and product quality behind the decision.

According to Medstrom, the success of its range of bed can be attributed to customers recognising the unique benefits offered to patients and caregivers, with the main feature being its low and customisable height to help prevent falls and promote safe mobilisation.

Additionally, Medstrom cited an effective backrest design protecting patients’ skin from shear and friction, as well as an innovative ‘third generation’ brake, steer and castor design, as being key features leading to the range’s strong commercial performance in 2018.

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