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When we founded DIETZ Power, we had one very clear goal in mind: to develop powered wheelchairs that are adaptable, right down to the last detail, for people with limited mobility of any kind to use in a wide variety of living environments.

In 2017, a team of professionals joined forces, working every day (and, when needed, at night too) with relentless energy, highly focused creativity and, last but not least, the valuable know-how gained from many years of experience, to get the job done. The result? A range of perfectly coordinated powered wheelchairs and high-quality individual components that can be precisely configured to fit the particular powered wheelchair configuration required.

When the comprehensive range of configuration and adjustment options available do not meet a specific individual need, we manufacture bespoke parts that are individually made to measure, offering a perfect solution for the user.

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Contact information:

Company name: DIETZ Power

Company telephone: 01384 912 009

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Company website:

Principal contact: Darren Legg

Company address:

Vlamovenweg 12
5708 JV Helmond
The Netherlands

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