What is THIIS?

Aimed at keeping thousands of mobility and access professionals informed with the latest news, views, products and jobs weekly, THIIS (The Homecare Industry Information Service) is the longest, most-established trade magazine for the mobility, disability, independent living and rehabilitation industry.

Who is THIIS for?

Launched in April 1999, THIIS ensures mobility retailers, suppliers, installers, distributors, and manufacturers stay up to date with high-quality news articles, interviews with leaders in the sector, new product launches, and the latest jobs available from businesses in the market.

How to stay informed with THIIS?

To receive in-depth, high-quality content from THIIS, there are a number of ways for professionals to stay in the know with THIIS, both online and offline.

Monthly print magazine

THIIS creates and distributes a monthly magazine free for all trade professionals in the UK. Click to subscribe to the print magazine.

For those professionals that prefer the paperless route, THIIS magazine is also available to view online via a digital version. Check out the past issues of THIIS.

Email round-ups of the top news

In today’s busy business climate, where trying to keep inboxes manageable is becoming increasingly more difficult, THIIS is careful not to bombard professionals with too many emails. Instead, THIIS sends out twice-weekly emails – every Tuesday and Friday – giving a round-up of the latest, most important news, products and jobs. Avoid missing vital news by subscribing to the THIIS newsletter today.

Social media

Mobility and access professionals keen to receive their news as it happens can follow THIIS on one of our three social media channels, where THIIS shares news from the industry as it happens.

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