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“The idea of the product arose from the frustration I felt every time I travelled abroad. I had to wait for my scooter to get off the plane so I came up with a product that would be easy and foldable; one that I could bring right into the cabin and get off the plane with.” Nino Ransenberg, Moving Life Founder and Polio survivor.

Moving Life develops life-changing solutions for people with mobility needs. The ATTO is a contemporary mobility scooter that combines smart design with rugged functionality – without compromising on style. ATTO is optimised for travel by any mode of transportation, from the most compact car, through trains, cruise ships and on to easy air flight. With its lightweight usability and easy transition between regular, compact and trolley modes, ATTO is the ideal companion to take with you on any journey. The world doesn’t stop at your corner shop and neither should you.

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Company name: Moving Life Ltd

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Principal contact: Marcel Zwart

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Havat Alenby
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