Rollz Motion Performance
Rollz Motion Performance

At the start of 2020, Rollz International, a specialist Dutch manufacturer of rollators, established its own presence in the UK with the launch of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Rollz Mobility UK.

Having previously been distributed by Topro UK, many dealers will be familiar with the company’s Rollz Motion, a two-in-one, stylish rollator/wheelchair hybrid.

With new products on the way, Rollz has signalled that it has big plans for the British market. THIIS spoke with Arjan Muis, CEO of Rollz International, to discover more about what the Dutch supplier has in store for domestic dealers.

THIIS: What is the background and motivation behind Rollz?

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Arjan: “When creating and designing mobility products, you cannot underestimate the importance of branding and I became very aware of this during my time as CEO at Bugaboo, the premium international stroller brand from the Netherlands.

“Moving from prams to rollators ten years ago, I realised the Dutch mobility aid market was focused mainly on providing the elderly with low-priced functional products. Walkers were regarded as something people needed but hated using and not as a life-changing product that might enrich your life and provide you with independence and happiness.

“That is why at the time we started designing our first rollator we decided not to talk about physical problems or healthcare issues but concentrate on emphasising the possibilities of continuing an enjoyable lifestyle instead, while supporting an active and independent life.

“Right from the start, we decided to be as international as possible. Part of the international branding is choosing a brand name that has a good resonance all over the world. So, we have made a combination between the rolling movement and echoing the Rock & Roll times.”

THIIS: Having recently launched Rollz Mobility UK, what will your strategy be when establishing your dealer network?

Arjan: “We will continue the cooperation with those retailers already selling Rollz rollators. In addition, we will be looking for new specialised retailers and chains who would like to expand their portfolio with Rollz and Saljol products and will be able to provide the end-user with the best possible advice, as well as show our entire product range in their shops.

“This means the mobility retailers we are looking for need to invest both time and effort in our design products.”

THIIS: What are you looking for in a retail partner?

Arjan: “Both Rollz and Saljol stand for premium mobility products so we would like to establish long-term partnerships with retailers that understand this market and are willing to invest in the business relationship.

“This also includes retailers who are active online and can benefit from our online presence and image.”

THIIS: Why should mobility dealers in the UK work with Rollz and what support will you offer dealers?

Arjan: “The Rollz and Saljol rollators will be eye-catchers in their showrooms but intensive product training for shopkeepers and employees is vital in promoting our brand.

“The account manager will be able to support with all their requests, while our customer service department will be covering all the service enquiries. Our marketing department will provide all the necessary materials for online and offline use, regularly creating new promotional videos to be shown on screens in the showrooms, along with useful blogs and user stories that can be shared on social media.

“We intend to find appointed dealers who are able to serve as centres of excellence in all regions.”

THIIS: How is the UK market different from the other markets you operate in and what adjustments will Rollz Mobility UK make to meet the needs of dealers in the UK?

Arjan: “National social security and insurance systems for the mobility aid market are different in each country. On top of that, the local infrastructure of each market has its own characteristics. That’s why it is important to work with local account managers who know all dealers, NHS consultants, the social security system and are close to the customers.

“Through conversations with the dealers, we’ll get to know their wishes and expectations and can adapt to their requirements if needed.”

THIIS: Can you tell us about the relationship between Rollz and Saljol?

Arjan: “Rollz has started this year as an exclusive distributor of Saljol products in the UK and The Netherlands, and vice versa Saljol is the exclusive dealer of Rollz products in Germany and Austria.

“By extending our portfolio with the Saljol mobility products, Rollz Mobility UK is able to offer retailers a balanced high-end range of indoor and outdoor design rollators. Both brands have a keen eye for design, combined with smart functional innovations that enable an independent life.”

THIIS: What Saljol ranges will you be bringing to the UK?

Arjan: “In the UK, we will distribute the safe and ultralightweight Saljol Carbon rollator, the Saljol Indoor rollator Page for independent living at home, and the Saljol Shower chair Spa for showering while seated.”

THIIS: Are there more product launches on the way this year?

Arjan: “Alongside the Rollz Motion Performance and the Saljol Carbon rollator, at Naidex we will also be introducing the Rollz Motion Rhythm, which is a Parkinson’s rollator with three rhythmic cues.”

THIIS: When will the product be available for retailers?

Arjan: “The Rollz Motion Rhythm will be available in the UK in May.”

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