ReWalk Robotics and Recare partnership imageReWalk Robotics has announced that it will be working in partnership with Recare to support the growth of all its “ReWalkers” in the UK and Ireland and enhance the technical support for its devices.

The ReWalk 6.0 Personal Exoskeleton is designed to be used at home and for people that need support when using the device.

To strengthen ReWalk Robotics’ customer support service and allow the number of ReWalkers to continue to grow in the UK and Ireland, the company sought a partnership with a company that is confident and knowledgeable of complex medical devices.

Stephen Ruffle, National Sales Manager UK & Ireland at ReWalk GmbH, commented: “I believe here in the UK, Recare Ltd is in my opinion, one of the very best mobility and rehabilitation specialists.

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“I have known Richard Holland-Oakes CEO & Co Founder for almost 20 years and have observed the growth of Recare since it was founded in 2008 with interest and admiration. Still a family business, their commitment to their customers and the impressive, skilled team they have created is great to see and feels me with confidence that we have made the very best choice for our Technical Support Partner.

“To support the ReWalk 6.0 Personal 5 year Warranty, Service and Maintenance, with Recare, ReWalk have the ideal partner.”

ReWalk Robotics and Recare partnership imageStephen and Rewalk Robotics’ technical service manager for Europe, Joscha Gizewski, both recently attended a training event with Recare’s technical team, where they were both impressed by the skill of the Recare team.

“The training was also enjoyable and we could see the team working well with the device,” Stephen added. “With ReWalk Robotics’ in house support in Germany, USA and Israel we now have an extremely strong technical team to look after all of our ReWalkers and Training Centres across the UK and Ireland.

“ReWalk Robotics is looking forward to working with the whole Recare family moving forward and am keen to introduce the team to all our ReWalkers.”

Recare has undergone official intensive technical training on the ReWalk exoskeletal walking device and the mobility dealer will be the UK centre for all service, warranty and repairs to support the clients using the products.

In 2018, Recare increased its staff in all departments to support its growth, which has seen the team expand to 16 employees. This growth is also allowing the company to further develop into offering specialist provisions for other areas in the rehabilitation, care and mobility industry.

According to Recare, its new ReWalk partnership is an example of what the outlook is for Recare in the future.

Richard Holland-Oakes, CEO of Recare, said: “The synergies of the partnership between the two companies and our push to work with the high-end rehabilitation products, will aid to enhance the growth within the industry. The addition of the ReWalk maintenance provision fits nicely into our portfolio of support.”

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