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After being announced as the winner of Motability’s ‘Small Category’ award for outstanding customer service in November 2018 with a perfect 10 out of 10 score, John Preston Healthcare’s team has recently been presented the award at the retailer’s Lisburn headquarters.

Motability annually awards mobility scooter dealerships that have provided exceedingly high levels of customer service, with customers of the Scheme being contacted randomly and asked to provide feedback on their dealer’s service.

Motability dealers that sell scooters and powered wheelchairs to 35 customers or more are entered into the awards and are scored out of 10, with the awards split into three categories – small, medium and large.

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Discussing the importance of customer service in mobility retail, Aidan McCormack, Group Marketing Manager at John Preston Healthcare Group, told THIIS: “It is of course of the utmost importance – as it is to any business. We have been trading for over 170 years so we know from experience that you must do the very best you can for customers. Without them, you do not have a business.

“In our industry, customers rely on you to be able to live their normal lives so it is very unlike other sectors. Things do go wrong but it is how you react that sets you apart and gives customers peace of mind. They in turn become advocates and return to you again in the future.”

Winning the competition in the small category – dealerships that work with 35 to 100 customers – John Preston Healthcare achieved an impressive score of 10 out of 10, the only retailer to have accomplished receiving full-marks in the awards.

“We are beyond proud as a business and on an individual level it is very special for our Motability team who invest so much time and effort in their daily work. Many customers have become friends over time which pays testament to how our Motability team operate”, commented Aidan.

“Colleagues across the business work together to provide a seamless experience for our Motability customers and the fact that this award is based on feedback from them makes it all the more special.”

Highlighting how the company managed to achieve a perfect score, Aidan noted one of the key factors for the business was delivering on its promises to customers.

“They appreciate the care and attention that our Motability team bring, along with doing what they say will be done. Our local market is very small which allows us to react quickly, but if someone is let down then many people will know about it very quickly,” he explained.

“They seem to like the human touch and the honesty with which we advise suitability of any given product. They recognise our stability and longevity and know that if a problem develops then we will be on hand to help resolve it in the best way that we can.”

With two showrooms across the UK based in Edinburgh and Northern Ireland, John Preston & Co was founded in 1846 and supplies an extensive range of mobility products to end-users, as well as to the trade, Health and social services and private nursing homes.

Recently, the retailer secured the exclusive distribution of Invacare’s Top End Wheelchair Handcycles and Racing Wheelchairs range throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

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