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Invacare Top End Force G

John Preston Healthcare Group has announced that is now the exclusive supplier of Invacare’s Top End handcycle and racing wheelchair range throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

According to John Preston, Invacare’s handcycle and racing wheelchair range is renowned for its “quality” design and offers a variety of models to suit different needs, such as handcycles for competitive racing, racing wheelchairs for elite competitors, racing wheelchairs for beginners, and recreational handcycling.

There are 11 different products available from John Preston, catering for both adults and children.

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From Invacare’s competitive wheelchair handcycle range, John Preston offers the Top End Force G Handcycle, the Top End Force K Handcycle and the Top End Force RX Handcycle.

In the recreational handcycle range is the Top End Little Excelerator 2 Handcycle, the Top End Excelerator Hand Cycle, the Top End Force 3 Handcycle and the Top End XLT Handcycle.

For the Top End racing wheelchair range, John Preston distributes the Top End Preliminator Racing Chair, the Top End Eliminator NRG Racing Wheelchair, the Top End Eliminator OSR Racing Wheelchair – Open V Cage, and the Top End Eliminator OSR racing wheelchair – U Cage.

Founded in 1846, John Preston specialises in the wholesale supply and distribution of medical, healthcare and mobility products to health and social services, private nursing homes and trade customers.

Established in 1885, Invacare is a disability manufacturer that offers a wide range of mobility, home-care, long-term care and acute equipment.

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