Oxfordshire-based Recare has commissioned a war memorial outside the Tackley War Memorial Hall to remember the 17 men from the local village who died fighting in World War I.

Richard Holland-Oakes, CEO of Recare, along with the rest of the company, commissioned the brass plaque, which was designed by Westcountry Blacksmiths. Recare commissioned this because it felt as though the village of Tackley, in Oxfordshire, lacked a monument that reflected the efforts of the ‘fallen men’ of the First World War.

The plaque was also commissioned to mark the centenary anniversary of Armistice Day on the 11th of November. It is made from English oak wood, which Richard feels is a “humbling” reputation of the 17 men who lost their lives.

Recare added that it hopes the Tackley village is proud of the new monument and was built in respect of the families’ losses of the fallen men.

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“When you look back and realise that 100 years ago, the village of Tackley had only 150 houses, and 17 men lost their lives to enable us the freedom and enjoyment for the idyllic village that we know today, a lot was lost from such a small isolated community,” the company said.

Having been in a prosthetics and orthotics background and being trained in Queen Marys hospital, Richard heard many stories from amputees from the First and Second World Wars.

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