Wondering which products are grabbing retailers’ attention in July? Each month, retailers in the mobility industry highlight one product that has stood out for them and why…

darren macey lifestyle and mobiityLifestyle & Mobility’s pick of the month

The Cabin Car MK 2 Plus from Scooterpac

Darren Macey, Business Development Manager for Lifestyle & Mobility

“In my mind, the innovation and design of mobility scooters peaked a good few years ago… yes, suppliers have released new products but we haven’t really seen any major changes that have that ultimate WOW factor.

“Well, that all changed when Dane from Scooterpac decided to bridge the gap between a car and a mobility scooter when they released the new Cabin Car MK 2 Plus.

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“As a car user myself, I can never envisage having to give up my beloved vehicle. We all get used to all the home comforts such as reversing cameras, heated seats, electric mirrors, and parking sensors. And let’s not forget those custom finishes that really personalise a car to our own character.

scooterpac cabin car

“Well with the Cabin Car MK 2 Plus, there really isn’t much of the home comforts you cannot have. It’s like getting into a miniature car, with all the bells and whistles.

“The Cabin Car is a truly bespoke product and when you get in one, it makes you feel good and why shouldn’t a mobility product make you feel good.

“The Cabin Car enables our customer to be out and about, whatever the weather, come rain or shine. At Lifestyle and Mobility, we are always looking for products that enhance people’s lifestyle and mobility and this is exactly why the Cabin Car MK 2 Plus is our product of the month.”


James Gargan beechfield healthcareBeechfield Healthcare’s pick of the month

Drive 4-Wheel Manual Folding Scooter

James Gargan, Commercial Director of Beechfield Healthcare

“With its revolutionary new design, this Manual Folding Scooter can be easily folded or unfolded in under 10seconds to provide a quick and effortless travel solution.

Drive 4 manual folding scooter

“There is no requirement for disassembly of the scooter, making it perfect for those who may have otherwise struggled to dismantle a scooter.

“Once folded, the mobility scooter can be easily lifted in and out of the car thanks to the lightweight design of the only 23.4kg and its handy carry handle the compact folded size will fit into most car boots as well as being a convenient size for public transport.

“With a top speed of 4mph and a generous 13-mile travelling range on a fully-charged battery, the Manually Folding Travel Scooter is perfect for full-day trips out and if you do need to top up during the day, the scooter simply plugs into a traditional plug through the supplied transformer.”


Karen Sheppard headshot new 2019 people first mobilityPeople First Mobility’s pick of the month

Ergonomic Long-handled Garden Hand Tools from Aidapt

Karen Sheppard, Managing Director of People First Mobility

“Now July is here, hopefully, we will see some lovely sunny days and evenings and our customers’ minds will turn to the gardening.

“For many, this can be hard work. If they are sat in a wheelchair or if they cannot bend easily, it makes gardening more difficult.

“My product of the month is a range of long-handled garden tools, making gardening that little bit easier for many.

long handed gardening tools

“Working from a seated position, you can get a long-handled cultivator, fork, hoe and trowel. They have ergonomic handles but there is optional arm support for optimum control and minimum strain on the wrists which is highly recommended.

“They keep the hand and wrist in a natural angle, easing the discomfort of the wrist, as well allowing for a long reach so wheelchair gardeners or those who can’t bend are able to reach ground level.

“The tools don’t require such a firm grip and are less likely to twist in wet or damp conditions. A fantastic idea for the summer months.”


alastair gibbs TPG DisabledAids HeadshotTPG DisableAids’ pick of the month

Fish Insurance

Alastair Gibbs, Managing Director of TPG DisableAids

“This month I would like to continue the theme of add-on sales to maximise the return from your customer. As we all know, finding the customer in the first place is the hardest part, so it makes perfect sense to ensure you provide them with a complete solution rather than letting them go elsewhere.

fish insurance team“For that reason, my product of the month is not a physical product but an Insurance Product.

“When you sell an item, be it a scooter, a wheelchair, a riser chair or a stairlift, it makes sense to ensure the client is not only confident in the product but also confident in the long-term reliability and security of that product. To that end, we offer insurance and extended warranty packages from Fish Insurance to give that total peace of mind.

“Extended warranties make perfect sense for any supplier as they ensure the client returns for regular servicing and, therefore, creates a long-term revenue stream.

“Insurance policies are also the responsible way forward when clients are mobile and mixing in the same space as the general public as it will cover both damage and injury should an incident occur.

“There are a number of specialist insurers in this field but the relationships with them must also be built on two-way trust. It is beholden on the dealer to only offer appropriate product and it is beholden on the insurer to honour the commitment they make when the cover is provided.

“Partnering with a company like Fish insurance as an Appointed Representative also covers your responsibilities to the FCA.”


Ceri Ableworld MarketingAbleworld’s pick of the month

Bathing cushion from Mangar Health

Ceri Dixon, Marketing Manager of Ableworld 

“We have chosen the Mangar Bathing Cushion for our product on the Month for July.

“Many of our customers have difficulty getting in and out of the bath, or get nervous they may not be able to get in or out safely.

Bathing Cushion Mangar Elk

“The Mangar Bathing Cushion lowers you down into the bath and raises you back up at the touch of a button when you are ready, with a steady flow of air to inflate or deflate the cushion. This clever product will only lower the user down if it knows there is enough battery power to raise them up again, giving customers added peace of mind whilst bathing.

“This Bathing Cushion is lightweight and portable so can be removed for other users and means customers don’t need to make costly adaptations to their bathroom.  It features suction cups to ensure it remains safely in place. The Bathing Cushion is battery operated meaning there are no dangerous power cables as well as it being fully waterproof, including the hand control, for added safety.

“Everyone should be able to enjoy relaxing in the bath which is why The Bathing Cushion is our product of the month.”


Dominic Style Mobility headshotStyle Mobility pick of the month

Mark Bates Insurance

Dominic Goldsmith, Director of Style Mobility

“I would like to give a nod to Danny Bates at Mark Bates Insurance as a product of the month for July.

“We have recently switched over to Mark Bates for our insurance and warranty provider.

“I have to say that their efficiency, quality of products and levels of cover exceed the competition by a considerable amount in my opinion. Mark Bates’ services are a must-have for any mobility retailer, completely customer-focused and on-the-ball – the policies they provide not only a generous commission for your company but give your customers the peace of mind they always need.”


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