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With close to 1000 suppliers nationwide constantly releasing new products in the mobility and independent living industry, it can be difficult for retailers to keep track of what equipment is available on the market. Living made easy however is aiming to make retailers’ live easier each month with their product showcase, highlighting new, unique and popular products to busy retailers.

Assistive bath with seat lift

Designed for use in residential care and assisted living situations, the Aventis assistive bath can suit people who have difficulty using a conventional bath but still want to enjoy a soak in the bath with minimal assistance.

It features a button operated ‘slam‐shut’ inward facing door and a powered built-in contoured seat lift with fold down armrests. The seat also rises as an elevated sitting position, allowing the user to take a shower instead of a bath. An automatic battery back-up is available in event of mains power failure.

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Accessories include a hydrotherapy spa, thermostatic valves and end panels. Left- and right-hand entry options are available.

Stylish furniture commode with height adjustable legs

Langham-GE Walton commode image

The Walton commode is designed to look discrete and blend in with the home.

A concealed commode area holds a nine-litre plastic pan which has a lock and lift lid to prevent spills and an additional handle for lifting and emptying. The commode removes for cleaning, or to convert back to an ordinary chair if the commode is no longer required.

Manufactured by Langham-GE, it comes in either white or brown with an added choice of weave designs.

Floating bath thermometer

Lifemax thermometer image

The large LCD display on this floating bath thermometer from Lifemax Direct supplies visual warnings for excessively hot or cold temperatures. To use, shake the thermometer and drop it into the bath water. After a few seconds a reading will be displayed in degrees centigrade. Once in the water, the thermometer is designed to continue to re-check the temperature every five seconds.

Suction power

Lifemax rail image

These stick ‘n’ stay grab rails by Lifemax Direct require no tools to fit; they are designed to attach to tiled, enamel or fibreglass surfaces by suction. Positioning and pressing down on the two pressure levers activate the suction power: safety indicators will show if it has been correctly fitted – green indicates the handle is securely fixed, red will display if the handle needs to be repositioned.  They can be removed and refitted elsewhere as and when needed.

Lotion and cream applicator

BackBliss Lotion and Cream Applicator image

The BackBliss Lotion and Cream Applicator is an ergonomically tested long handled plastic lotion applicator with a washable replaceable pad.  Invented by Caroline Wagstaff and launched in 2003, it helps the user to independently apply lotions and creams to his or her back from any arm position.

The applicator has a patented flexible handle that is designed to adjust to the contours of the back.  The replaceable applicator pad absorbs only the amount of lotion required while spreading it evenly over the skin.

The applicator comes with a travel pouch and hanging hook.

Multi-purpose toilet support rail

This three-in-one toilet surround by Throne UK is designed to enable the user to have support close to the body.

Once installed, it operates in three modes. In standard mode, both grab rails are in a standard vertical position, helping support the user to lower and raise themselves onto and up from the toilet pan. Splayed is much the same as the standard position but it offers a wider option for users who would rather have a wider grip from the grab rail. The fold down position offers the option of side access to the toilet – for example to accommodate space for a wheelchair, or for where space is limited. The arms can also be individually removed if required.

The rail is rigidly fitted to the toilet pan; once installed it does not need to be removed for other users.

Shower cubicle with WC

Contour Showers cubicle image

Contour Showers’ range of shower cubicles are self-contained freestanding units, designed to be installed in any room as a cost effective, short term or semi-permanent alternative to a traditional adaptation. The model featured here is a corner stepped access half cubicle with WC and bi-folding doors. The shower tray system is designed to prevent likelihood of leaks and has an anti-slip surface.

Optional extras include grab rails, a ramp or step, shower seat and a roof with the choice of adding a light and fan.

Contour Showers Tern Tray imageRotating shower tray

The Tern is an electrically operated, 360-degree rotating level access shower tray by Contour Showers, designed to allow users with restricted mobility to maintain independence while washing. Operated by a wireless fob, it can reduce the physical demands on the user – they can choose to either stand or seat in a shower chair – and promote single carer handling.

The tray requires no turning circle within the bathroom; any transitions into a shower chair can be made away from the shower area.

It can be fitted with half height carer doors, for when assisted showering is required, and a body dryer. Other options include a glass screen or self-contained cubicle.

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