Extrema Italian Style Platform lift image
Extrema Italian Style Platform lift

The Platform Lift Company has announced that it is now a UK and Ireland distributor for Extrema, an Italian company which specialises in the design of stylish access solutions to overcome architectural barriers.

This new partnership will increase the Platform Lift Company’s growing range of access products with the introduction of a new vertical cabin style platform lift and two new stair risers. The Platform Lift Company now represents access solutions from Italy, Sweden and Denmark.

According to the Platform Lift Company, Extrema’s Italian Style Platform Lift is an elegant and luxurious product; it aims to please customers looking for a bespoke solution which can blend seamlessly into the home.

With a maximum travel of 19.5 metres, the Italian Style Platform Lift can reach up to six floors and can be installed either inside or outside a building. Its compact and comfortable design provides a “great space saving solution” within the home, especially if there is a narrow stairwell.

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It comes in a variety of materials including Italian precious wood, natural stone floor inlays, leather coatings and stainless-steel push buttons.

Extrema Italian Style Stairiser Lift image
Extrema Italian Style Stairiser Lift

Additionally, the two new stair raisers have been designed specifically for two different types of staircases.

For curved staircases, the Platform Lift Company can now offer a compact product which is suitable for installation in tight spaces. This product doesn’t have a traction unit onboard, therefore saving space.

The other new product is suitable for straight staircases and also comes with superior design and safety features.

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