Model VH rises up out of the floor and the top platform that the wheelchair stands on slides forward up to 1000mm, bridging the gap over the steps to the higher floor level

Following the launch of its invisible step lift and a referral scheme offering dealers £600 for every successful referral, Oyster Mayfair has added a new model to its range following an enquiry from a mobility retailer.

The third model in its range, the new SR (short rise) model is capable of providing wheelchair access over a single step up to a height of 220mm. Additionally, the maximum travel height on the company’s model V and model VH have been increased to 800 mm.

Neal Boswell, Marketing Manager at Oyster Mayfair, said: “The decision to launch this new model was inspired by a specific enquiry that we received from a mobility store who had seen the double page feature article about us and our sales commission referral offer in the November edition of the THIIS magazine. We are happy to have been able to help the store offer a possible solution for disabled access to a member of the public.”

The unique step lift aims to offer customers a discreet alternative solution to the common ramp according to the company as organisations such as the Centre for Ageing Better call for more lifestyle-orientated mobility products.

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Mobility stores wishing to find out more about the sales commission referral offer for the Invisible Step Lift by Oyster Mayfair can contact the company at enquiries@oystermayfair.co.uk or call 020 7183 3606 or find out more at www.oystermayfair.co.uk

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