After announcing the launch of its innovative new step lift to the industry and introducing a new referral scheme for retailers, Oyster Mayfair is close to securing an international distribution deal.

Neal Boswell, Marketing Manager at Oyster Mayfair, told THIIS that appearing online and in the latest issue of THIIS magazine has resulted in a new opportunity for a possible international distribution deal which would bring its invisible step lift to overseas markets.

“In addition to our new referral commission scheme for mobility stores in the UK we now have, thanks to Calvin Barnett, Managing Editor at THIIS, an exciting opportunity to possibly expand our operations overseas,” explained Neal.

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“We are extremely grateful to Calvin and the team at THIIS for such a great outcome, we could not have asked for more.”

Recently, the company launched two models of its invisible step lift, the Model V and Model VH. The Model V a vertical travel lift for up to 780mm where a series of steps are not involved, such as rooms with two floor level or for travel from a driveway up to a ground-floor front door.

The Model VH is a vertical and horizontal travel lift. Similar to the Model V, it can travel vertically up to 780mm, but the top platform that the wheelchair stands on slides out horizontally up to 1000mm, bridging the gap between the steps and floor.

Speaking with Neal in October, he emphasised that consumer demand is growing for adaptations which are subtle, attractive and invisible.

“From adapting your home with lifts, redesigning bathrooms and kitchens right through to basic daily living aids, people do not necessarily want to live with that old fashioned ‘hospital’ equipment look’, especially in their own homes,” he said.

“Well-planned, well-designed, easy to live with surroundings are pleasant for everyone but are even more important for your practical and emotional daily wellbeing if you are disabled.”

Oyster Mayfair highlighted that, at present, most details are commercially sensitive and confidential about the potential distribution agreement, with more information to follow.

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