Having been in the mobility market since 1997, Bristol-based mobility retailer Marks Mobility has combined ingenuity with experience secure patents for two new innovations – a scooter fan and a bumper stop.

Discussing the accessories, Mark Mobility’s Mark Davies told THIIS: “It’s a new three in one heater/demister/cooler and a must-have for a mobility scooter with a canopy.”

The easy to install device has an independent battery pack, allowing a user to take it into the house for charging – removing the risk of draining a scooter’s battery – and is ideal for end-users that feel the cold, according to the inventive retailer.

Alongside providing heating for end-users, the device can also demist a canopy, as well as blowing out cool air during hot periods.

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“We have sold a few of these with really good feedback, one guy has two for both of his scooters,” added Mark.

In addition to the mobility scooter fan, the company is also planning to launch the Bumper Stop to the market soon.

Fitting onto an existing scooter’s bumper, the device will stop the scooter immediately on impact, disabling the device from working until it is reset.

“This will stop the problem when the driver freezes or panics and is unable to release the throttle. We have all heard or seen accidents where this has happened,” continued Mark.

“We have just had confirmation from the patent office to be able to advertise this product so we need to now cost-effectively source the parts etc.”

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