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After undergoing a massive revamp, this year’s Trade Days is set to be a “new dawn,” with new features such as the Innovation and Launch Trail, live auctions, end of line products and more.

Ryan Hirst, Head of Sales and Marketing at Sunrise Medical, talked to THIIS about why the multinational manufacturer of mobility products will be taking part in this year’s show, as well as highlight new product launches dealers should look out for.

Meeting new people

Discussing Sunrise’s participation in this year’s show, Ryan underlined that Trade Days offers the company an opportunity to reach new dealers.

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“By the time Trade Days swings round, we will have already spoken to all of our elite dealers – who we’re in communication with all the time – but I thought Trade Days would be a great way to reach out to people that we’re not dealing with and should be,” he explained.

Importantly, it is the ability to raise brand and product awareness amongst retailers that may not have seen the company’s ranges before that particularly appealed to Ryan, as well as reminding existing retailers about Sunrise’s products.

Highlighting the importance of getting Sunrise’s name out there, Ryan commented that the show is a good way to advertise to people who have not seen their products before.

“At Trade Days, we hope to reach out to everyone that we’ve not managed to see already,” he added.

For existing dealers, they can be reminded of Sunrise’s products and their benefits, continued Ryan.

A great launch pad for new products

In addition to reaching new retailers, the head of sales and marketing also noted that the annual event is an ideal location to showcase its new product launches to the industry.

A few years ago, Sunrise launched a new series of scooters at Trade Days which, according to Ryan, saw great success off the back of that, reaching lots of new customers. He hopes this year will see a repeat of that engagement for it raft of new products entering the industry.

“By the time we get to this year’s Trade Days, we would have launched around six products by then,” stated Ryan, having already revealed a number of new products to dealers throughout August.

Amongst the new products is Sunrise’s Q100R Quickie Salsa powerchair; one of a completely new series of powerchairs that Ryan confirmed the company will be launching.

Featuring a new, sleeker, and more modern design, the powerchairs are set to be more premium, with the company upgrading battery sizes, controls, seating as well as adding new clinical features.

Discussing the Q-Series, Ryan commented: “The Q100 is the start and it’ll include a Q200, a Q300, a Q500 and a Q700.”

“In wheelchair terms, I would liken it to the end of the first phase in the Marvel cinematic universe; this is like the end of our Infinity Wars: there’s still loads of stuff to come.”

An opportunity to educate

Described as “the next evolution in powerchairs,” Ryan said that visitors at the show will be able to understand and navigate through the range more easily.

Additionally, visitors will be able to gain expert advice from the Sunrise team on the stand and learn about the products, see what the range does, why it’s different and discover where the company is headed next.

“For dealers visiting us at Trade Days, they can see lots of new stuff that will change the way they facilitate their customers,” Ryan added.

Spreading the message

On the importance of Trade Days, Ryan concluded: “For ourselves, we’re so busy launching new products – which is what we’re great at – I think we’ve realised that we need to lean on others to help us get such a fantastic message out there.

“Our bandwidth is taken up with redesigning how to improve people’s lives.”

To visit the company at the show and check out its new ranges, visit stand TB25

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