To help a woman live more comfortably throughout the day, Alpine HC’s Opera ProSafe Profiling Bed featured on ITV’s 60 Minute Makeover.

The popular TV show went to Claire Brown’s home in Shropshire where the 60 Minute Makeover team was asked to transform her living room by reimagining the living space while keeping it stylish and comfortable to suit Claire’s medical needs.

Described as one of their toughest challenges yet, Peter Andre and the makeover team were joined by interior designer Linda Barker to help with the makeover.

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Alpine HC was asked to provide the team with a homecare bed that was fully profiling and height adjustable to assist Claire in the day.

Featuring an all-in-one height range, the Opera ProSafe can be lowered close to the floor for easy access and to reduce the risk of fall injury, and can also be raised to waist height for care on the bed.

These features would allow Claire to sit up in bed during the day, raise her legs, and adjust the height of the bed to help her get in and out.

Linda remarked that the bed looked amazing and came with a full range of features.

According to Alpine HC, the Opera ProSafe Profiling Bed was chosen because of its stylish appearance. It was specified in a dark walnut wood colour and came with side rails as well as the Opera Serene Pressure Care Mattress.

When the ProSafe was revealed to Claire at the end of the show, she was amazed at the transformation of her living room and looked emotional and overwhelmed.

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