Lewis Reed Mercedes V-Class Grande image

Lewis Reed has announced the launch of its new Mercedes V-Class Grande wheelchair accessible vehicle, accommodating for taller wheelchair users with increased internal headroom space.

In response to wheelchair users needing more entrance and internal height, Lewis Reed has addressed this problem and created what it describes as a beautiful, luxurious vehicle with a discreet higher roof and rear air suspension, offering a low gradient ramp entry and a smooth ride. The external vehicle height is under two metres, despite the extended roof, which ensures easier parking.

The V-Class Grande allows users to decide how much internal height is required on the seated height of the wheelchair user.

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Lewis Reed Mercedes V-Class Grande image

In addition, the headroom space has been increased from 53” to 57,” which accommodates for taller wheelchair users. Lewis Reed says this makes it an unrivalled choice in the UK for luxury, comfort and choice.

The V-Class Grande will be available in two models: Sport and AMG line and in the extra-long wheelbase.

It also comes with a comprehensive range of control options and flexible seating positions to offer practical solutions for the user and their carer or family. The adaptable floor mounted rail system is quick and easy to use, providing a choice of up to six passenger seating and wheelchair positions.

To ensure entering and exiting the vehicle is as easy as possible, the V-Class Grande is fitted with electric sliding doors on both sides. A side lift is also available as an optional extra. For wheelchair access, the large automatic powered tailgate opens to enable a remote-controlled rear lift or lowered floor and lowering suspension.

Lewis Reed Mercedes V-Class Grande image

Each vehicle supplied by Lewis Reed is bespoke and customised to ensure it meets the requirements of the individual.

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