Ian Lindberg, CEO of Alerta Medical
Ian Lindberg, CEO of Alerta Medical

Supplying to over 30 countries business Alerta Medical has seen a surge in demand for its medical equipment over the past year, which led to the Scottish manufacturer need to expand its office and warehouse last summer. THIIS chats to Founder and CEO Ian Linberg to find out the business has been facing challenges head-on over the past couple of years…

Based in Irvine in Scotland, Alerta Medical is a designer and manufacturer of pressure relief and fall prevention equipment for the healthcare market, delivering solutions to proactively maximise user safety and comfort.

Its products include the innovative Wireless Fall Prevention Alertamat range, the revolutionary Hybrid mattress, the Care Bed range (with its unique features and matching overbed tables), and its alternating Air, Foam and Gel Pressure Care range.

At the helm is Founder and CEO Ian Lindberg who launched the company in 2016 after building nearly 20 years of experience, insights and contacts in the social care sector.

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Says Ian: “Alerta Medical was established on the belief that prevention is better than cure, and that everyone in care should be able to enjoy the benefits of a proactively safer care environment.

“Through our existing knowledge of the industry, we saw an opportunity to develop a portfolio of medical devices that promoted proactive care rather than reactive, initially with our range of nurse call Alertamats and fall prevention technology, and pressure care equipment.

“Our focus has always been on product development and innovation, delivering solutions that make everyday life easier for care providers and patients.

Alerta Medical distribution
Alerta Medical’s products are distributed all over the world

Providing reliability

Now represented in over 30 countries it’s certainly a formula that has worked. But as Ian goes on to comment Alerta Medical’s success is about more than just excellent product development.

“When you’re involved with people’s medical care and wellbeing, everything ultimately evolves around reliability. We have built a proven track record of product reliability, but it doesn’t stop there.

“The whole drive at Alerta Medical has been to provide reliability across all areas of the business, including reliable customer support, reliable products, reliable service and reliable supply,” comments Ian.

There have been numerous milestones that the business has achieved as it has grown but for Ian the proudest achievement has been getting through nearly two years of unprecedented circumstances, firstly with COVID-19 then the subsequent supply chain disruption.

As Ian states: “Despite all of this we have been able to consistently supply our existing distributors while continuing to grow and take onboard many new distributors who are looking for a reliable and trusted supply partner.”

A team meeting at Alerta Medical

Product success

One product that has really stood out in 2021 and achieved a lot of recognition and sales growth is the Alerta Sensaflo Hybrid mattress, explains Ian.

“The Alerta Sensaflo Hybrid mattress is a testament to the culture of innovation and challenging the status quo here at Alerta, with a growing number of distributors and healthcare professionals discovering the benefits of this exceptional pressure care mattress.”

The manufacturer has also recently launched a bariatric version of the Hybrid mattress, explains Ian. The 120cm wide mattress features foam-filled air cells, SensaGel adaptive foot cells and an in-use height of 6″ for effective prevention and treatment of bariatric users up to very high risk of developing a pressure ulcer in hospital, nursing and care home environments.

The firm is always looking to develop new products, explains Ian. “Innovation never stops at Alerta Medical and over the past three years we’ve launched a new product approximately every four weeks.

“We are currently developing a number of new products in the fall prevention space, pressure care category and Lomond bed range.”

Alerta Medical manufacturing
Manufacturing of the Deluxe Alertamat

Dealer network

Alerta Medical supply exclusively through a network of distributors. Ian says: “Our UK network consists of suppliers to care homes and care at home, and we now offer a range of products that are retail packed specifically for the mobility retail industry.

“Globally, Alerta Medical now supply distributors in over 30 countries ranging from aged care suppliers to government hospital contracts.”

A key benefit for dealers coming onboard with Alerta is a reliable supply from its large stockholding and speedy responsive customer service.

As Ian explains, customers will often come back and remark on how easy the company is to deal with and the company is justly proud of its ability to provide “second to none” back-up and support to its distributors.

Another key benefit of partnering with Alerta, Ian points out, its loyalty to distributors. “We never sell direct to the end user, and we always maintain our promise of only supplying through our network of distributors.”

Alerta Wireless Fall Prevention Technology

Looking to the future

Alerta Medical have had an exceptional period of growth over the past 12 months with revenue growth in excess of 150 per cent.
This led to the firm moving into larger offices and warehousing in August 2020 to facilitate its growth.

Perhaps the biggest challenge the business has had has been maintaining its high stock levels during a period of rapid growth combined with supply chain disruption. But despite this drawback the business has managed to rise to the occasion, as Ian explains.

“Thanks to an exceptional team, our in-house manufacturing and large investments in additional stock, we’ve had very little disruption to stock availability.”

With the shipping crisis not showing any signs of improving, the company has put measures in place to ensure that supply is not disrupted.

As Ian explains: “We’re not waiting for this situation to subside or go away, instead we’re ramping up our stockholding and production capacity, and moving to other areas of the world that have offered more reliable and cost-effective logistics over the last 18 months, for raw material and parts supply.”

Meanwhile, Ian comments that there is huge potential for growth globally, and the company is also looking to expand its products more in the UK’s public sector.

Ian concludes: “Globally we see huge potential for growth so our plan for the future is to keep expanding the product offering and continue onboarding new distributors, backed with our offer of trusted service and reliable supply to all our valued distributor partners.”


Alerta Medical's HQ in Irvine, Scotland
Alerta Medical’s HQ in Irvine, Scotland
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