Discover key moving and handling solutions from the mobility market to consider demonstrating and supplying to customers.

Alerta Stand 200 from Alerta Medical

The Alerta Stand 200 Power Lifter is a lifting hoist for assisting users with standing from a seated position.

Providing security, functionality, and outstanding reliability, the device is designed for use in-home care, hospital, and nursing environments.

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Suitable for users up to 200kg and promising to give users a restful and calming lift experience, the company says the lifter is easy to operate, easy to move and comes equipped with a sling.

The lifter boasts five adjustable arm positions and adjustable legs, the lifter also includes a digital power pack with an LCD screen that displays a battery indicator, as well as an audible low-level battery alarm.

Available with a wide range of features, the versatile and cost-effective Alerta Stand 200 has been manufactured to comply with the most stringent quality and in-use guidelines, according to the company.

Ablestand Patient Turner from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

PT002 Ablestand Patient Turner (11)

Designed to help a carer or attendant to assist a patient or user to transfer to another seat, bed, wheelchair, toilet or commode by standing and turning, the Ablestand Patient Turner requires the user to pull on the handle to stand up and to be weight-bearing.

With a sturdy steel frame to provide stable support for users, the Ablestand features height-adjustable handles to suit user requirements and padded lower leg supports that can be adjusted (tool-free) in width, angle and height.

A low-profile base facilitates user feet placement whilst the substantial base area provides stability, with the rear bar allowing the carer to counterbalance.

The Ablestand’s handle has multiple gripping points for varying carer/user support requirements and is angled to enable a “nose-over-toe” standing movement.

Comfort Value sling range from Care & Independence

Manufactured with high-performance and durability in mind, the Comfort Value range of from Bicester-based Care & Independence aims to raise the standard for user comfort on a budget in the moving & handling sector.

Ambiturn Transfer Aid from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare


Assisting with pivoting transfers between different seat surfaces, the Ambiturn Transfer Aid can also transport users over short distances.

Requiring the user to pull on the handle to stand up and to be weight-bearing, the Ambiturn boasts a substantial base area for enhanced stability and a narrow, recessed front that fits between wheelchair wheels and around toilets for perfect positioning.

The device also includes a handle with multiple gripping points angled to “nose-over-toe” standing movement, as well as four front and rear castors combined with 2 x 13cm central wheels to ensure smooth manoeuvring, even with heavier users.

In addition, the Ambiturn’s foot-operated brakes on centre wheels provide stability during standing/sitting movement.

Alerta Maxi 175 from Alerta Medical

Alerta Maxi 175

Suitable for users up to 175kg, the Alerta Maxi 175 Power Lifter is a transfer hoist for handling and transferring users designed for use in-home care, hospital, and nursing environments.

The easy to operate hoist incorporates anti-entrapment techniques and uses a thermoplastic rubber-coated, 360o rotation anti-swing spreader bar.

In addition, the versatile device can be disassembled into two parts for added manoeuvrability whilst complying with strict quality and in-use guidelines.

Guldmann Trainer Module from Guldmann

Guldmann gait trainer

The new Guldmann Trainer Module integrates controlled, dynamic weight relief into a ceiling hoist system, allowing patients with weakened mobility to be dynamically weight assisted in movements such as sit to stand, squats, gait training, walking and balance exercise in safety for patients and therapists alike.

easyTravelseat from Able Move

The easyTravelseat provides an in-situ transfer seat for wheelchair users needing physical transfers on/off aircraft.

Created by Josh Wintersgill who was diagnosed with SMA at age 2, the young entrepreneur is all-too-familiar with the difficulties and stresses of travelling. In particular, being transferred on/off aircraft. The easyTravelseat has been created to greatly reduce these difficulties and stresses.

Alerta Move Assist 200 from Alerta Medical

Alerta Move Assist 200

The Alerta Move Assist 200 is a transfer assist unit which makes transfer functions of all types quick and easy, requiring minimal caregiver assistance.

With a max user weight of 200k, each unit is equipped with a crossbar where users can grasp and pull themselves up into a standing position using their own strength. The padded split seats also swing out allowing the user to stand up and board the unit. The caregiver then flips the split seats back into place to form a secure and comfortable seat for the user to sit on for the remainder of the transfer.

The device features adjustable legs for ease of manoeuvring and is ideal for bed-chair-wheelchair-commode transfers, as well as room-to-room transfers

According to the company, the Move Assist can be wheeled directly up to a toilet, offering enhanced dignity and boasts sling hooks for extra security.

Able Assist Patient Adjustable Transfer Aid from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Able Assist PT004 (4)

The manoeuvrable and light to use Able Assist User Transfer Aid provides a safe and easy solution for a carer wishing to transfer a user.

Requiring users to participate in transfers, therefore improving muscle tone, the device is designed for those users who can raise from a seated position to a standing position.

With adjustable legs for easy transferring and a lightweight aluminium frame that is described as robust and durable, the Able Assist User Transfer Aid features four wheels, two of which are braked, enabling the aid to be manoeuvred easily from room to room.

The narrow width and footprint of the Able Assist also enable the carer to manoeuvre easily through standard doorways, whilst the aid can also be wheeled directly up to a toilet, with wheels positioned either side offering the user more dignity.

H180kg mobile hoist from Herida Healthcare

Herida hoist - H-180

With a focus on ergonomic design, coupled with impressive lifting capabilities, the H180kg mobile hoist from Herida allows ease of manoeuvrability, even under maximum load.

The high boom, coupled with ultra-low lifting positions, ensures the hoist will meet the needs of any care home, residential or hospital setting.

Oxford Journey from Joerns

Oxford Journey

The Oxford Journey is an ultra-compact, portable folding stand aid with advanced functionality.

Compact and lightweight, it allows caregivers to easily manoeuvre in tight spaces and can be folded for easy storage or transportation.

The unique adjustable cow-horn mechanism also supports a wider range of patient heights and sizes, enabling a care facility to have one lift that meets the needs of many.

The Oxford Journey boasts a safe working load of 155kg; five-year warranty; Smart Monitor diagnostic control pack with service reminder; and a contoured, height adjustable knee pad with removable safety belt.

Non-Slip Inseat Sling from Osprey

Osprey sling

Available in full hammock style and split leg, Osprey says its sling has been designed to revolutionise the way Inseat slings are used without compromising the pressure-relief qualities of its classic Inseat range.

Osprey developed the non-sling sling after receiving comments from some care providers that when users are in transit to and from appointments, the Inseat sling can move about and repositioning can become difficult.

Oxford Advance from Joerns

Joerns Advance 7

Described as one of the most functional and stylish folding mobile lifts in its class, the Oxford Advance is especially suited to home care and small nursing institutions where space sometimes is not available.

The Advance also empowers a user to travel outside of the confines of their own home, fitting neatly into the boot of most family saloon cars thanks to its triangular folding design.

With a safe working load of 155kg and five-year warranty as standard, the device also features a contoured leg design to ensure enhanced access around furniture.

Raizer II Emergency Lifting Chair from Felgains

Raizer II Process - 3

This battery-operated mobile emergency lifting chair is assembled around the fallen person and lifts them from the floor to a sitting or standing position in just a few minutes.

Importantly, the Raizer II can be operated by just one person with minimal manual handling involved.

Camel Lifting Cushion from Mangar

Camel, Resident, Carer

Designed to reduce the amount of time spent on the floor by someone who has fallen when relying on paramedics, friends or family, the inflatable Camel lifting cushion means the faller can be back on their feet in minutes, while the person lifting is protected from injury.

Oxford Up from Joerns

Oxford Up

The Oxford Up is a manual stand-aid and seated transfer device, suitable for those who require assistance when standing but are able to contribute effort to the process. By encouraging user participation, Joerns highlights how the Up can play a supportive role inpatient rehabilitation and on-going independence.

Featuring a safe working load 200kg, the lightweight device boasts adjustable legs for improved access around furniture and contoured and padded swing-away seat pads.

With a compatible sling offer for additional support, the Up comes with a five-year warranty as standard

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