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A name soon to be familiar to dealers?

Despite being one of the world’s best-known brands of powered and manual wheelchairs, there is a good chance that the name Meyra may not be familiar with many dealers in the UK. Firmly established in mainland Europe, the company has yet to become a household name on these shores, having only worked with a highly select number of partners over the years. Speaking with Stephen Stone, Sales Director for Meyra in the UK, he explains why this is something that is about to change.

Not new kids on the block

Established in 1936, Meyra is a German manufacturer of a range of mobility aids and powered mobility devices, with an established range of wheelchairs, powerchairs, scooters, as well as rehabilitation equipment.

In 2018, Meyra established the ‘Meyra Group’ – a consolidation of companies and their portfolios from its rehabilitation and orthopaedic divisions – and now boasts subsidiaries in Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Spain, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, France, Italy and Russia, expanding the brand across the continent.

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Having enjoyed substantial growth in its own domestic market of Germany, through a mixture of continued organic growth and strategic acquisitions, the mobility manufacturer is now turning its attention to the UK and bringing a number of newly launched products to contend in the competitive powered device marketplace.

The plan to expand

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In spite of a history spanning over 80 years and an increasingly healthy position in Europe, the brand remains largely obscure in the UK.

Discussing the company’s ambitions for the UK, Stephen says that Meyra has only really dipped its toe in the more niche-end of the UK market, selling a limited selection of its wide product range, however, notes that UK expansion was always something the company had its eyes on.

“Historically, Meyra has been active in the UK over the years with a small but very dedicated dealer structure who have focused primarily on specialist product needs including the Meyra flagship Optimus outdoor powerchair,” commented Stephen.

“In recent times, Meyra has relied on its current sales activities from mobility dealers based in Somerset, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Lancashire and this network has provided national coverage wherever possible. Their success clearly indicated that the opportunity for Meyra within the UK could be even greater if there were more sales outlets and support resource available.”

Bolstered by the success of its existing dealers, Meyra is now aiming to expand its dealer network with more outlets nationally to promote its core range of active/configured wheelchairs and high-end powerchairs.

“The intent is to establish a distribution partnership with a compatible UK-based company that will give the confidence mobility dealers need to invest in Meyra providing real-time after-sales service and support,” continued Stephen.

“This strategy will focus on twenty or more specialised dealers who have the skill-set to grow this relationship. With the exception of the existing dealers and their established areas of activity, we will target all other areas.”

Precision engineering

With the design, engineering and manufacturing of the majority of its products taking place in its purpose-built production facility in Germany, Stephen says Meyra has to prioritise the quality of its products to meet the high demands of the German reimbursement system.

“This strategy will focus on twenty or more specialised dealers who have the skill-set to grow this relationship” Stephen Stone

“Meyra manufacture their configured product in Germany, which, alongside the UK, is the most demanding of markets to determine just how good a product needs to be to perform in the market,” he emphasised.

“So the company will not compromise quality over cost and dealers can sell any Meyra product with confidence and the knowledge that these products are engineered, tested and manufactured to the highest German standards and will not fail them in the field.”

In particular, the manufacturer is keen to bring its flagship iChair MC series and XXL powerchairs to British end-users, along with its complete range of standard, active and configured manual wheelchairs.

Additionally, the German manufacturer is bringing two new high-end powerchairs which it hopes will prove a winner with retailers – the iChair Orbit and the iChair Sky.

Thinking of the dealers

Understanding that dealers require more than just high-quality products in order to sell powered mobility products to end-users, Meyra says it is bringing an entire dealer-focused support infrastructure with it to the UK.

“Individual markets need individual attention to establish Meyra further,” noted Stephen.

“Product specification and options have been modified to compete with industry peers to reflect the needs of the UK market and a considerable investment has been made in the Customer Information, Service and Support System (KISSS).”

According to Meyra’s sales director, KISSS is a dealer-specific interactive tool providing retailers with all the information required to support with the sales of its ranges of mobility aids, enabling retailers to check on stock, configure chairs, check pricing and availability, place orders including spares, review historical activity/quotes and see what weekly offers are being marketed.

“The KISSS system is a tool which is very easy to work with and can provide the information and live feedback which dealers need and expect from manufacturers today,” underlined Stephen.

Meyra's Smart active wheelchair range image

“This was a significant investment by Meyra to support the large portfolio of products that have established them so strongly throughout Europe. There is a mobility solution to meet every need within its range of products and the educational-based format that has been created is unique, informative and essential in today’s healthcare market.”

Alongside its KISSS system, Meyra is also putting boots on the ground, investing in its UK sales resource with the provision of a product specialist, who will be available to support dealers, confirmed the company.

“Product specialists undergo an ‘apprenticeship’ process (as do all the Meyra employees in Germany) and with many years of experience behind them, they can communicate with confidence the story behind each product,” continued Stephen.

“The simple Meyra strategy is to offer a UK-based mechanism that will give a limited number of specialist dealers the confidence to invest in the Meyra story going forward.”

One to watch

With an extensive, quality engineered range and an established dealer support network that has been tried and tested across various European markets, Stephen is confident that Meyra will soon fast become a household name within the UK mobility market.

“Meyra will continue to expand its operations and invest in product and people which clearly indicates that there is a great deal more to come from Meyra in the coming months and years,” he finished.

For further details on Meyra, its product portfolio or its dealer ambitions, contact Stephen Stone via email at or call 07738 338516

What is the perfect dealer in Meyra’s eyes?

On the hunt for 20 key mobility dealers to work with across the UK, Stephen described what Meyra’s dream dealer looks like, emphasising the educational approach the company champions.

“Dealers have to make difficult choices sometimes on margin versus suitability and it is only the latter that Meyra works successfully with,” stated Stephen.

“A chair assessment must be right for the client and to cross this thin line can have ongoing health and financial consequences, therefore, dealers who are prepared to arm themselves with an arsenal of product knowledge and assessment information tools will ultimately then decide which is the best product for their clients to invest in.

“Meyra wants to work with dealers who want only the best for their clients.”

Making its UK debut

Meyra iTravel image

Following a successful launch in mainland Europe, Meyra is now bringing its newly-released, lightweight powerchair to the UK.

Weighing just 22kg, the iTravel is the lightest powerchair ever produced by the international manufacturer and boasts a 10km range.

Capable of folding easily in a single movement, the company emphasises the chair enables users to easily access a world of travel, shopping and work.

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