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Oyster Mayfair Luxury Lift

Oyster Mayfair has announced a new commission/referral scheme for mobility retailers, where participating retailers can earn up to £2,500 for each successful sales lead, for its Multi-Level Homelift and Luxury Lift range.

In store and online marketing materials are provided free of charge by Oyster Mayfair to participating mobility stores and online retailers to help them sell the company’s lifts.

Neal Boswell, Marketing Manager at Oyster Mayfair, explained to THIIS why the company feels it is the right time to launch its new scheme and how retailers can benefit from the scheme.

He said: “Many of us have probably seen the recent press coverage about the NHS and the necessity of planning ahead for the growth of an ageing population here in the UK. One of the logical consequences of this situation is that it looks safe to assume that more private individuals will be in need of products to support their daily living needs especially if they want to remain in their own homes.

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“One home adaptation that can be an attractive and feasible option for certain individuals is to have a lift installed in their property.”

Neal highlighted that selling a multi-level lift is a very different proposition to selling a stairlift, but believes that mobility retailers can benefit from selling multi-level lifts as it enhances their product range and increases their income.

“A customer who is considering installing a multi-level lift in their property is probably not interested in a stairlift and visa-versa,” he continued. “We see no reason why the mobility trade should not offer the public the widest choice of products available.”

Oyster Mayfair offers free surveys and estimates to customers so that they can find out what type and size of multi-level lift would be best suited in their homes; this initiative also helps retailers to sell the multi-level lifts.

The company discusses different considerations with the customer, such as internal finishes, the number of floors that the lift would need to travel, physical headroom space and carrying capacity.

Additionally, all of Oyster Mayfair’s lifts are custom-made, offering a wide range of sizes, configurations and finishes.

Oyster Mayfair Multi-level Homelift image
Oyster Mayfair Multi-Level Homelift

“For example, we can supply lifts with floor sizes from under 1 metre square (about the size of a small shower tray) to larger lifts with a load capacity for several persons and powered wheelchairs or a heavy mobility scooter,” explained Neal.

“We have lifts with different door configurations. For example, you enter the lift cabin from the front then the lift travels up or down to the desired level then you can exit the lift from the right hand side, the left hand side or even straight through and out of the back of the lift depending on the layout of the building.

“For ultra-modern contemporary homes our lifts can operate in self-supporting structures of stainless steel and glass or on the other hand they can be situated behind solid or plaster board walls in a more traditional home.”

Neal also discussed the key differences between Oyster Mayfair’s Hydraulic Platform Lifts – a Multi-level Homelift, and Traction Lifts – a Luxury Lift.

The Hydraulic Platform Lifts incorporate an electrically powered pump which forces hydraulic oil into a cylinder, with a piston at the base of the lift which powers the lift car up or down. The company says this lift is typically used where there is a requirement to travel beyond just a single storey up to six floors.

In contrast, Oyster Mayfair Traction Lifts are more expensive than the Hydraulic Lifts as they can travel faster and further by using an electric motor to power a winding mechanism attached to cables, a pully and a counterweight.

Neil said: “This type of lift might be used in a situation such as a Town House or large property where up to 8 floors are involved or the speed of the lift becomes a significant factor after about the 4th floor level.”

Oyster Mayfair emphasises that customers might want to consider purchasing a lift if they are carrying out major home improvements, including extensions to their property or designing a new build home. Incorporating a lift into the design, says Neal, ensures that the property has been future-proofed for the individual.

For mobility retailers interested in joining Oyster Mayfair’s new free referral scheme, or any other commission scheme offered by the company, they can contact the company via email at enquiries@oystermayfair.co.uk or by telephone on 020 7183 3606.

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