What products are retailers in the industry raving about this November?

Wondering which products are grabbing retailers’ attention? Each month, retailers in the mobility industry highlight one product that has stood out for them and why…

Karen People First Mobility headhsotPeople First Mobility’s pick of the month

Aidapt’s Gel Comfort Cushion

Managing Director Karen Sheppard

Aidapt gel cushion image“The Aidapt Gel Comfort Cushion is proving to be popular for all kinds of solutions. We sell them for wheelchair cushions, as a mobility scooter cushion, for use in the home on chairs and settees and also to the local taxi drivers, who have been buying them as they are comfortable to sit on for long periods with the removal gel insert giving extra support. The easy removable fleece cover also allows it to be washed, which is very useful.”


TPG DisableAids’ pick of the month

TPG DisableAids Alastair GibbsTopro’s rollator range – in particular, the Troja

Managing Director Alastair Gibbs

“Any showroom manager must analyse and appreciate why any new customer takes the decision to walk through that showroom door. Often, it is an event that has happened in their life that has been a turning point that has made up their mind to do something about the problem.

“The most common problem is therefore ‘Mobility’.

Topro rollator image“It is really important to have a good range of walkers and rollators on the shelf or the shop floor ready to solve that first mobility problem without delay. It is no good just having one or two. You must have a range with three or four wheels and a choice of colours, weight and quality.

“There are many at the economy-end of the range but it is also important to also have a few high-quality offerings because not everyone will buy purely on price. It is a solution to that mobility problem they are looking for and, for some, that will mean buying the best.

“To that end, we have recently started to stock the Topro rollators and have been pleasantly surprised at how well they sell as a premium product costing more than twice that of an economy range product. Design features and quality materials are obvious to even the most casual of observers and that quality is likely to result in a very satisfied customer.

“The really important lesson here is that if you solve the first problem of mobility for a customer, they will return again and again for those bigger ticket items as their mobility needs change. If they walk away because you failed on day one with a solution, then it is likely they will continue to shop with your competitor that did the job properly.”


Michelle Mossford Ableworld headshotAbleworld’s pick of the month

Paroh’s Hands Free Hairdryer Stand

Senior Marketing Manager Michelle Mossford

“Before bringing this into the range, it was trialled by a parent of one of the Group Buyers who found the product to be extremely useful.

“The Hands Free Hairdryer Stand allows you to style your hair without having to struggle holding and gripping a bulky hairdryer. It’s a very handy product to have around the home and can be fixed to any clean flat surface by suction pads. It’s ideal for people with limited grip and movement. The flexible neck bends and moves allowing you to position the hairdryer to best fit your needs.”


Style Mobility’s pick of the month

Scooterpac’s Folding Canopy

Dominic Style Mobility headshotDirector Dominic Goldsmith

“With the bad weather fast approaching I have decided it fitting to show case the ‘Scooterpac’ folding canopy as my product of the month.

“Universal and incredibly versatile, the ‘Scooterpac’ will fit virtually any scooter, especially now that there is an XL version available.

“Also, this product works as a great up sell to any scooter sale.”


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