Living made easy: Stairlifts, homelifts and access

Living made easy logoWith close to 1000 suppliers nationwide constantly releasing new products in the mobility and independent living industry, it can be difficult for retailers to keep track of what equipment is available on the market. Living made easy however is aiming to make retailers’ live easier each month with their product showcase, highlighting new, unique and popular products to busy retailers

Customisable compact homelift

Stannah Stratum lift image

The Stratum from Stannah is a self-supporting vertical lift that travels ‘through-the-floor’ over two levels.  It doesn’t require major structural alterations to be installed and it can be fitted practically anywhere in the home.  There’s no lift shaft; the Stratum is designed to look compact when it is in the room and leave a feeling of space when it is sent up and down between floors.

It incorporates a number of safety features including pressure sensitive safety surfaces, a battery back-up and 30-minute fire integrity.

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The lift car can be half-height or fully enclosed. A range of cabin sizes – suitable for a wheelchair user or up to two-three people standing – and customisable options are available.

Designed for people with limited flexibility

Stannah Sadler lift image

Unlike a traditional perch, the tilting saddle style seat on the Stannah Sadler is designed to take the user’s weight, allowing them to maintain a more upright posture and minimise the weight supported by the legs – an option for those with limited flexibility in their knees and hips.

The arms and footrest fold simultaneously, designed so that users do not have to bend to fold their stairlift at the top or bottom of the stairs. There’s a retractable, secure seatbelt that can be fastened with one hand and intuitive controls that can help those with limited dexterity.

The slim design can suit narrow stairs – the curved rail leaves ample room for the user and others to use the stairs safely. The wall controls allows the stairlift to be called from another floor and the battery powered motor enables it to continue to work in the event of a power cut.

The Sadler comes in stone woven upholstery with a light wood trim and is available in different heights.

An alternative to an open car lift

Wessex Lifts VE lift image

With its full height door and fully enclosed sides, the freestanding VE through-floor lift can carry multiple occupants simultaneously – for example, a parent can travel with their child or a wheelchair user with their patient.

It has a Safe Working Load of 250kg and boasts a wide range of optional extras, including a seat, in-car emergency phone and the option of a power door. The flooring is designed to be strong and compact, with the addition of a small integral ramp.

The underside safety edges will halt the lift in the event of an obstruction. The VE can be lowered manually in the event of a power failure. It can also be fitted with an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system, so that the lift can still be used a few times even without mains power.

The VE, manufactured by Wessex Lifts, is designed to take up a minimum of space in the home and offers many possibilities for customisation.

The Stiltz Duo+

Stiltz Duo+ image

The Stiltz Duo+ is the newest addition to their Duo HomeLift range.  It’s curved shape and clear car body is designed to fit in small spaces within the home – it can be installed in the corner of a room, cupboard or in a stairwell void if required.

The lift does not use hydraulics or need to be fixed to walls – the lift car travels on self-supporting rails and is powered by an electric motor drive system that is housed at the top of the lift.

Designed to be economical to run, the lift plugs directly into a domestic power socket and is operated using the in-car control panel or through remote controls from outside the lift.

Also available is the Trio+, a larger home lift designed to carry a full-sized wheelchair or three people.

Barrowmead Stairmatic imageMobile stair climber

Baronmead’s Stairmatic is an attendant controlled and battery powered stairlift, suitable for use on a variety level floor surfaces and straight or curved steps, including narrow or spiral staircases.

It features a cushioned, integrated seat, fold up armrests and footplate and safety strap. Once charged, the battery-operated motor is designed to cover a range of up to 1000 steps.  The lift and lower switch is located on the handle and there’s an emergency stop button and brakes with automatic sensors to stop at the step edge.

The stairlift can be made-to-measure and operator training is provided. It is designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Seated stairlift for curved stairs

Otolift TWO Stairlift image

The Otolift TWO Stairlift has a slim double-tube rail that is mounted close to the wall; the stairlift can run on either the outside or inside curve. Designed to take up little room, the footrest and armrests fold up and the chair folds away when not in use, leaving walking space on the stairs for other users to pass by.

It’s fitted with ergonomic controls on the armrest and the safety belt that can be operated with one hand. The lift can be called by using the wireless remote controls. The seat swivels, allowing a safe dismount. The stairlift is battery operated and will work in the event of a power cut.  An all-round safety system will stop the chair lift automatically if any obstacles are detected in its path.

The TWO is available with additional features including a powered swivel and powered footrest raiser along with a range of colours and upholstery options.

StairSteady imageThe StairSteady

The StairSteady comprises of a fixed track with a sliding supporting handrail, designed to provide a firm support for either climbing or coming down the stairs.  The track is fixed to the wall on the side of the stairs. To use, both hands are positioned on the handrail which then slides along the track when pushed, locking when weight is applied to provide static support. The handle can be folded away when not in use.

Manufactured in the UK, the StairSteady was invented by Ruth Amos as part of her GCSE course to design an aid for people with limited mobility and has won amongst other awards, ‘Young Engineer for Great Britain’ and ‘Best Established Product’ by the British Healthcare Trade Association. is the UK’s leading comparison site for equipment for independent living used predominately by disabled and older people or their relatives and friends. Our comprehensive database helps around two million people a year. If you are a supplier and would like to list your products on Living made easy, contact our data services team at
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