Mandie Lavin BHTA

Having joined the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) as Director General at the start of June 2018, Mandie Lavin is to step down from the role, with the Association citing a change in personal circumstances since she was appointed to the role earlier in the year.

In an official statement released by the BHTA, the Association says BHTA Chair Alastair Maxwell has thanked Mandie for her efforts and informed the BHTA Board that a recruitment process will be starting immediately.

“The BHTA is currently focusing on operating the BHTA Code of Practice, representing members interests during the Brexit negotiations and helping them face many challenges including issues with public sector procurement policies.

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“No further comment will be issued by the BHTA about the recruitment process until it has been agreed by the Board.”

A practising barrister and qualified nurse, Mandie led the Association following the departure of Tracey White, the former Director General of the BHTA, in March 2018, who went on to become the CEO for the Institute of Lighting Professionals.

The Association has been involved in a number of high-profile campaigns during Mandie’s tenure, including the popular Steptember campaign, hosting an International Symposium on support surfaces and seating, as well as the launch of new ‘Get Wise’ industry guidance documents.

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