Yorkshire Care Equipment helps Carole find a suitable wheelchair image

Yorkshire Care Equipment has helped a local woman stay independent and mobile by finding her a wheelchair that she wanted as well as have a personalised touch.

Carole had been given a wheelchair by the NHS Wheelchair Services that met her needs but was too heavy for her to push herself in. She decided to take matters into her own hands and started looking for a lightweight wheelchair.

She searched for mobility equipment shops in her local area and found Yorkshire Care Equipment. Carole had a phone call with a member of its team and arranged to visit its showroom to look at different wheelchairs that would be easier for her to propel herself in.

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Looking specifically at active user wheelchairs, Carole wanted to find a chair that would give her the comfort and support she needed whilst being lightweight enough to self-propel.

Yorkshire Care Equipment Showroom Advisor Gary Hornsby-Shawe said: “I showed Carole a range of active user chairs so she could pick the one that suited her needs the most. She had been a bit worried about funding, so I gave her a copy of our charities database just so she knew that help was available should she need it.

“We got the perfect chair in the end; Carole is loving it and say’s it’s the best chair she has ever had!”

After test driving the different wheelchairs available, Carole settled on a Küschall Champion SK wheelchair in a matte black finish. She personalised it by adding on some matte black Spinergy wheels and specially design oval-shaped hand rims with a built-in rubber lining for extra grip.

Carole then returned to Yorkshire Care a few weeks later to buy a SmartDrive powered add-on which will give her some extra power when pushing her new chair.

Carole said: “Before, I was using a heavy old chair. It was uncomfy and hard to propel.

“Gary was very patient with me when we bought the chair and he gave me the advantages and disadvantages of all the models I tried. Yorkshire Care helped me choose a chair that fitted me.”

The Champion SK wheelchair weighs less than 10kg and folds down to a compact size so Carole can enjoy days out trouble-free.

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