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Dolphin Mobility Yorkshire and Cumbria has won The National Green Apple Award in the category of environmental good practice.

Competition for a Green Apple award is extremely high and 2018 was no exception, with well-known supermarket chains, industrial giants and multi-million-pound utilities all among the contenders.

The presiding judge described the accomplishment as “very well deserved” when announcing Dolphin Mobility had won its award.

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Dolphin Mobility stair survey image
Dolphin Mobility stair survey

The award recognises the company’s innovative digital survey system that uses advanced photo technology and software algorithms to make surveying staircases much easier and more accurate, particularly for the more complex staircases that have curves, spirals, landings or turns. This specially developed electronic system maximises the accuracy of a complex staircase survey whilst minimising the time needed to carry it out.

The judges highlighted three main benefits of the system:


These include a reduction in wasted or scrapped rails and the additional cost of re-surveying and remaking the rails. There are economic benefits to the NHS from being able to speed up the manufacture, delivery and installation of the stairlift, which reduce instances of bed-blocking.


These include a reduction of wasted or scrapped rails which cannot be used or recycled, as well as a reduction in the use of additional energy consumption from no longer having to re-survey and reorder new rail systems.

Health and wellbeing

Disabled and elderly people are able to be discharged back to a home environment more quickly than previously, which, in most cases, is preferable than being in a hospital or care facility.

A member of the BHTA, Dolphin Mobility is based in York and was also singled out for its dedication to sourcing and using local suppliers.

Dolphin Mobility Yorkshire and Cumbria image

Dolphin Mobility Managing Director Gareth Watkinson said: “This is a great achievement for us, as we always endeavour to ensure a speedy an accurate sales, survey and installation process for all our stairlift customers, in addition to limiting our carbon footprint. We would like to thank the Green Apple judges for considering us worthy of this prestigious award.”

Top winners of the Green Apple Awards go on to have the chance of representing their country at an international event in Brussels next year.

The Green Organisation is an international, independent, non-profit environmental group dedicated to recognising, rewarding and promoting environmental best practice around the world.

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