Adapter for iOS devices with mouse for iPad and iPhone

An innovative new mouse adapter designed for iOS devices has launched, enabling disabled people who struggle with touchscreens to access iPhones and iPads the devices.

Launched by CSS MicroSystems, a German assistive technology manufacturer, users can plug a mouse into the AMAneo BTi adapter, which is then able to connect to iOS devices via Bluetooth.

Once connected, the iOS device’s screen automatically displays a touch pointer that gives users full control over their iPad or iPhone, with no additional apps required to be installed, resulting in a quick and easy setup.

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The adapter will enable those with severe disabilities who have had limited or no access to an iPad or iPhone to be able to use the popular products via an assistive mouse, be it a trackball, joystick mouse, head mouse, thumb mouse or other.

According to the company, the adapter comes with a number of built-in options, such as click-and-drag, auto click and click delay, helping to avoid accidental activation of the mouse click. Two connectors for external switches are also available, to operate the left and right mouse button.

In addition, users with disabilities can benefit from features such as instant access to the iOS AssistiveTouch menu, which allows the user to access various iPad functions, such as volume control and the Home button.

Also, an innovative anti-tremor function filters hand or head trembling and ensures that the touch pointer moves smoothly on the screen.

The AMAneo BTi is charged via a USB charger and lasts up to 20 hours.

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