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Having distributed Norwegian assistive technology manufacturer Made for Movement AS’ Innowalk in the UK and Ireland since 2014, VIDA Global has now handed distribution of the product to the Scandinavian Group’s new UK subsidiary, Made for Movement Limited.

Distribution update

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Innowalk Pro

Taking place towards the end of 2018, the joint decision sees VIDA Global transfer sales and customer support of the Innowalk and the Innowalk Pro to Made for Movement Limited as the Group looks to expand its presence in the UK and Ireland.

“We highly appreciate the job VIDA Global has done over the past 4 years following the launch of the Innowalk in the UK”, says Birger Tufte Johansen, CEO of Made for Movement Group.

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“They have established the Innowalk as an effective assistive device allowing many children to participate for the first time in physical activity. We are thrilled to now have a more focused and specialised team prepared to further improve service and extend product reach”.

According to Made for Movement Ltd, the decision will help ensure continuity of service quality, as well as help the company introduce other solutions to the UK and Irish markets from the Made for Movement product portfolio.

Experienced team onboard

Incorporated in May 2018, the newly formed Made for Movement Ltd has built a team comprising of over 29 years’ experience in healthcare, physiotherapy and clinical practice, managed by VIDA Global’s former Physiotherapy Division Manager Stephen Kirkpatrick.

With over 13 years of industry experience, Stephen was the lead in launching the Innowalk in the UK and Ireland for VIDA Global.

“It makes me feel proud to work with a highly skilled team in the UK and Ireland as well as being part of a truly innovative, international group dedicated to helping individuals achieve health and wellbeing through movement,” commented Stephen.

In addition, experienced physiotherapists Noell Wollan and Jen Ferguson have also joined Made for Movement Ltd, responsible for business development in the South and North respectively, working with individuals, families, other caregivers, therapists and physicians to assess product feasibility, as well as to train and motivate.

Both new members have solid knowledge in providing the Innowalk and the Innowalk Pro to children with severe motor impairments according to the company, whilst Stephen brings expertise in technology introductions and sales management.

Commenting on the growth in interest and demand for the Innowalk, Stephen also confirmed the company’s wider product portfolio is also starting to gain traction in the market, with plans to expand the team and its offering in the UK.

“In order to meet the increasing demand, we are now looking to hire two more people to strengthen the team further; one for customer care and one for technical support” he added.

New products entering the UK market

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Made for Movement Group’s original founders, Ånund Olsen and Erik Vegge, were first introduced to the world of assistive movement aids in 1995, when the pair were licensed by British medical technology developer David Hart to create the NF-Walker, launching it in 1996.

The company has continued to design and develop new solutions over the years, launching the Innowalk in 2008, the Innowalk Pro in 2011, the NF-Walker 2 in 2016, as well as showcasing its latest creation, the Hibbot, at 2018’s Rehacare in Dusseldorf. The new device is the first walking device that facilitates a good walking pattern by replicating physiotherapists’ hands-on support at the lower trunk and pelvis, says the company.

“We are excited to bring these unique solutions into the UK & Ireland and share our experience with new and existing customers,” said Stephen.

With its head office in Norway, the provider standing and walking aids for people with moderate to severe disabilities have representation in 15 countries and subsidiaries in Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and now the UK & Ireland.

To find out more about the Innowalk, watch the video below:

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