RHealthcare powerchair range
RHealthcare’s powered wheelchair range

Based in Hamilton, Scotland, RHealthcare supplies a wide range of mobility equipment for users and prescribers alike, including the NHS. These products include lightweight powered and non-powered wheelchairs and rollators. Most recently, the firm debuted the Robooter powered wheelchair range at Naidex. THIIS chats to Brent McIvor, Sales and Marketing Director at Rhealthcare.

Can you tell us about your role at RHealthcare?

Dashi Eco
The Dashi Eco

“My role in the organisation is the Sales and Marketing Director, which also includes product sourcing. I started off working in occupational therapy in New Zealand and this drove my interest in mobility products and gave me a great foundation for the years ahead.

“I have had a couple of years in retail with John Bell and Croydon in London before working at Remploy and then Days Healthcare before it was taken over by Patterson Medical. I then moved with the power division from Patterson to Drive Medical. In 2017 I made the move to Rhealthcare. Over the 25 years I have been working in this field the market has changed so much with the internet being a major factor in the changes.”

Who are the other key people at RHealthcare?

“We also have Roy Day, Business Development Manager, who covers the Midlands North. Roy has 20 years’ experience in the mobility industry covering the northern region. And to back it all up we have an excellent customer service team based in Hamilton.”

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How did RHealthcare come to be established?

“RHealthcare started trading in 2011 following the purchase of the wheelchair business from Remploy, who had been supplying wheelchairs to the NHS for over 50 years. The business, when purchased, focused exclusively on the NHS but still employs some of the original Remploy staff. We see ourselves as an inclusive and supportive employer with a family-style feel to the team.

“Our management is highly experienced from multi-national company backgrounds, so we are managed in a highly professional but also a personal manner. We use this experience to help us make fast and reliable decisions and to set up business processes to make us more effective.

“We operate with a very streamlined structure. Our team has been selected carefully and is very friendly and an experienced one. We support one another to give, what we hope, is a great customer experience. We don’t always get it right, but we do try hard to get it right. We are also open to suggestions on how we can make it better from all sources.

“Over the past few years, we have now developed a range of lightweight powered and non-powered wheelchairs and rollators focused into the retail market as well as making additions to our NHS ranges.
“We have branded the retail part of the business as Dash Rehab. We believe we have one of the most modern ranges of lightweight products available in the market today.”

Lost Voice Man test drives the Robooer at Naidex
‘Lost Voice Man’ Lee Ridley test drives the Robooer at Naidex

What is the ‘hero’ product from the RHealthcare range?

“Our Fold Down Rollator has been a huge success with the numbers of units sold to mobility retailers. Its unique folding mechanism has been a hit with the dealers and users alike and is made of aluminium with a 136kg maximum user weight.

“The product got THIIS Product of the Year in 2021. The Fold Down Rollator with a liquid paint finish and stylish design make it a value-for-money product. The rollator also comes with a backrest, under-seat bag and a walking stick holder.”

Can you describe your latest product to hit the market?

“The Robooter powerchair range is new and fresh to the market. We have tied up an exclusive agreement with Robooter and have big plans for this range and move it forward over the coming years.

“The product has been a hit with the market and dealers, as the product has only just been launched this year. The key features are the design and stylish look, with its new OMNI wheel and its intelligent controller. The chairs will have colour options with state-of-the-art manufacturing. The product will be suitable for all types of terrain.”

What other new products are planned for release this year?

“This year we have a number of new products to hit the market, from rollators and lightweight manual wheelchairs to new-to-the-market powerpacks and more lightweight powerchairs.

“We will be increasing our range by at least 30 per cent. We see our company as the new boys on the block in retail, but have made enormous growth over the past three years.”

Fold-down rollator
The Fold Down Rollator

How was RHealthcare dealt with the challenges of global shipping delays and balancing that with the expectations of its customers?

“The shipping delays have put a lot of pressure on uninterrupted supply for all businesses in the industry. We actually came through that period quite well but did have some challenges on one of our product lines for around five months due to the temporary closure of a production facility temporary closure caused by staff shortage from Covid!

“We have always had a genuine partnership approach with our suppliers which meant that we continued to order during the pandemic despite a lack of sales at our end. This meant our suppliers could keep working and staff employed but it also meant that we had quite high stocks of most of our products.

“So, when there was a surge of ordering towards the end of the pandemic and long delays in supply, we had a lot of stock! The delays didn’t hurt us as much as we heard from others in the market.”

Is RHealthcare looking at expanding into other product categories?

“At the moment we are taking a good look at the mobility scooter and rise and recline market. The products will be new to market, as we try to innovate in the market, not copy. I believe this is where our success has come from.”

How does RHealthcare support its retailer network?

“To be a partner with Dash Rehab you need to take a small group of products and in return you will be the first to see and buy new products. Pricing support and a website listing are some other examples.

“We have product flyers on all our products for handouts in the stores. Most of our products are unbranded, which the retail market likes. Moving forward we will look to go to the next level with product videos and more innovative ways to get the end users to buy our products. Watch this space!

“We welcome new retail partners, particularly in Cornwall, the South East England and Midlands. Anyone interested in being a partner can email sales@rhealthcare.co.uk or phone 0845 1460600. Our website for retailers can be viewed at dashrehab.co.uk.”

Does RHealthcare have plans to expand outside the UK?

“We have some business outside of the UK already. We are always open to ideas and thoughts about growing our business but at this time we want to continue doing what we think we are good at, which is introducing the right products to our UK customers.

“Once we build our Dash Rehab brand we may look at moving it into EU countries. I would love to see Dash brand in New Zealand as this is where my journey started.”

New products aside, what’s next for RHealthcare?

“We are looking to add some more customer support to our team in Scotland as we grow our business. We are very careful about whom we select and would rather not recruit than recruit someone who doesn’t fit the team.

“We are currently updating our website to make it more user friendly. I will at CMEF in Shanghai in May. Rehacare in September and Arab health in Dubai. We will also support Robooter on the stand in Rehacare, as this is Europes go to show now.”


The Robooter
The Robooter powerchair
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