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Stannah’s Sadler Stairlift

In a recent Which? report reviewing and rating various stairlift brands in the UK, Stannah has topped the rankings, scoring 8 percent higher than its competitors.

754 people who bought stairlifts for themselves or someone else in the past decade were surveyed by the Consumers’ Association, with products judged on reliability, usability, comfort, quality, look, safety, batteries and value for money.

Scored on a five-star scale, Stannah achieved an overall customer score of 75 percent, which the company says puts it well ahead in the rankings compared to its competitors, which scored 8 percent lower than the independent stairlift supplier.

Commenting on the ranking, Patrick Stannah, Managing Director of Stannah Stairlifts, said: “It is a great honour to be voted the best stairlift provider in the UK, ahead of the reputable names in the industry. We understand the life-enhancing value of a stairlift, so pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and delivering a personable, high standard of service to ensure our customers feel happy and reassured.

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“We’re pleased to score highly across the board, especially the all-important factors of quality, safety and reliability. Innovation is at the forefront of our minds in our pursuit of maintaining, and exceeding, standards to improve our customers’ lives.”

In particular, Stannah ranking highly on the proportion of satisfied customers, achieving a chart-topping 88 percent for sales practice and value for money.

Notably, Stannah’s curved, tailored stairlifts proved to be a more popular choice amongst its customer base, with 48 percent of customers opting for the product, in comparison to other stairlift brand’s, with only 34 percent of customers selecting the curved alternatives.

The fifth-generation independent stairlift manufacturer and supplier has evolved from a small family business founded in 1867 to a global mobility brand that has supplied over 700,000 stairlifts to date and with a turnover in excess of £210million.

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