Retro Arcade set up by stairlift owner

Richard Telfer, Director of North West-based Superglide Stairlifts, is planning to launch a new business venture, swapping mobility aids for retro gaming and nostalgia.

38-year-old Richard from Martinscroft, Warrington plans to set up a retro arcade reminiscent of those from a bygone era of early gaming in the arches of Warrington Central Station, replacing a closed down aviation-themed burger restaurant.

Speaking with the Warrington Guardian, Richard explained the concept behind the new gaming will see customers wishing to play on classic titles such as Pac-man and Space Invaders pay an entrance fee and play to their heart’s content, with a kitchen and bar serving food and alcohol.

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The stairlift director has been busy collecting machines from the 70s, 80s and 90s, with many imported from the USA, to fill the new venue, which is scheduled to launch as soon as the end of February.

Richard told the Warrington Guardian: “I currently run a stairlift business based in Leigh, so this new venture is something that will be totally different.

“Everyone is really yearning to have their childhoods back these days.

“There is something missing from arcades today, the ones that are giving out tickets for prizes instead of being like they were.

“The nostalgia has been lost from them.

“But you don’t see the machines that we will have anywhere.

The new arcade, bar and kitchen will open from 11am to 11.30pm and open until 8.30pm on Sundays, bringing nine new jobs to the local economy.

Image credit: Warrington Guardian

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