Clearwell Mobility key turner on This Morning image

Clearwell Mobility, the South East’s leading supplier of mobility and home healthcare equipment, featured on ITV’s This Morning this week.

In a segment promoting independent living, Clearwell Mobility’s key turner was featured and demonstrated.

The key turner is a practical solution for those who struggle to grip and turn keys due to lack of grip or arthritic joints. The key turner holds up to three keys and has an ergonomic handle, making it easy to hold.

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ITV’s This Morning attracts more than 1 million viewers each day and TV presenter, Holly Willoughby, commented on what a “good idea” the key turner was.

Clearwell Mobility key turner on This Morning image

As a business, Clearwell Mobility’s aim is to support people to live independently in their homes for longer. The retailer features a wide range of independent living products, including grabbers, sock aids, tap turners and grab rails.

Duncan Gillett, Managing Director of Clearwell Mobility, said: “We’re delighted to see the key turner showcased on national TV in aid of supporting independent living as people get older.

“As a family-run company we are passionate about offering the best products and customer service we can, that can help family members stay independent and mobile for as long as possible.”

Other products that were shown on This Morning’s show, like the kettle tipper and twister grips, are also available on Clearwell Mobility’s website.

Clearwell Mobility is a family run company and was established nearly 15 years ago by husband and wife team Duncan and Natasha Gillett.

Over the years, Clearwell has grown from a single shop in Brighton to a network of 12 shops across the South East.

The company employs 80 people and has an annual turnover of £5.3 million. It is a member of the Buy with Confidence scheme and is the largest Motability accredited dealer in the South East.

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