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Silvalea Silva Travel-Lite imageSilvalea has launched a new travel and accessibility patient transfer sling called the Silva Travel-Lite, designed to be used as a manual transfer sling or a hoistable sling.

Described by the company as “2 slings in 1,” the sling can fold into itself to create a lightweight backpack – which can be worn by users or attached to a wheelchair – and offers versatility for users.

It can be used as a manual transfer sling when hoists are not available or practical, such as public transport, cars and airports.

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In addition, it can be used a hoistable sling, which can be used in Changing Places facilities or accessible holiday locations where hoists are unavailable.

For when a hoist is available, the Silva Travel-Lite incorporates hidden hoist straps, which are located in pockets at the leg sections, to attach to the top shoulder handles.

Silva Travel-Lite is manufactured using Silvalea’s Superfine fabric, which is a soft, breathable mesh that can be used for both in-situ applications and wet environments, such as swimming pools.

The transfer sling is available in four sizes: Extra extra small, extra small, small and medium.

Established in 1993, Silvalea manufactures patient transfer slings, rehabilitation aids and transfer products which aim to provide users and caregivers with safety, comfort, dignity and independence.

The company works alongside medical specialists in paediatric, bariatric, elderly care, mobility rehabilitation and acute units to develop specific products which meet the demands of the medical care industry.

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