Shopmobility Stockton on Tees imageWhile many Shopmobility stores have experienced a decrease in footfall over the last few years, Stockton on Tees Shopmobility has moved to a new, busier location and given its store front a make-over in a bid to attract more customers.

Shopmobility offers a mobility equipment hire service for people with reduced mobility to enable them to get around town and city centres with ease.

According to Shopmobility, funding for the scheme has become increasingly difficult to secure in recent times, while the demand for the service has continued to rise.

On top of this, a lot of Shopmobility stores have also experienced a decline in footfall in their high street locations over the past few years, leading to many closures. While some of this is due to an increase in online shopping, it can also be attributed to the increase of large shopping centres.

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The large indoor complexes create a greater need for Shopmobility, but are usually located miles away from the Shopmobility schemes.

One such scheme which experienced a sharp reduction in footfall was Stockton on Tees, which resulted in a decline in hires. However, knowing the demand for Shopmobility was still present, Stockton on Tees decided to move to a busier location with more shoppers.

As well as relocating, Stockton on Tees Shopmobility also re-vamped its shop front to a more modern look to make it more attractive to customers.

Commenting on the Stockton on Tees’ new store front, the National Federation of Shopmobility (NFSUK) said: “It would be wonderful to see all shopmobilities have the opportunity to do something like this with their shop fronts or windows but funding makes this almost impossible for most.

“Congratulations to Stockton on their new window we hope your new location brings more clients to you and enables you to help more people in the community.”

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