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The new eTrike

At Naidex 2019, the Mountain Trike Company launched a new product to the mobility market which complements the company’s existing range – the eTrike, an electric assist all-terrain wheelchair.

The Mountain Trike Company produces and manufactures all-terrain wheelchairs from its premises in Cheshire, in the UK, which enable people with reduced mobility to enjoy the outdoors.

The company’s previous wheelchair range included three models: the self-propelled Mountain Trike; the MT Evo, which uses a unique lever drive system so the rider can power the wheelchair whilst keeping their hands clean and dry; and the MT Push, which is an attendant wheelchair where the steering and braking take place by the rider’s buddy using the push handle located behind the rider.

To add to this range, the Mountain Trike Company launched the eTrike at Naidex. The eTrike is designed for a wide range of users, including those who would like some assistance to travel off road or more active users who want to tackle more challenging terrain.

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The eTrike is unique to the electric wheelchair market and can be ridden in three different ways: manually by pushing the drive levers, allowing the rider to have clean dry hands; power assist by twisting the throttle; and hybrid by pushing the drive levers and twisting the throttle simultaneously. Described by the company as “revolutionary,” the eTrike can combine manual power and electric assist as and when the user wants.

Designer and Managing Director at the Mountain Trike Company Tim Morgan was keen to ensure that all products were modular to ensure customers get the best value for money and a long-term purchase.

eTrike kits can be fitted to the Mountain Trike in the same way that the lever drive kit can be added to the MT Push.

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The eKit

Additionally, the eTrike is fitted with hydraulic brakes for excellent control and braking; air suspension, providing a stable, smooth and comfortable ride over any terrain; and direct steering, meaning users can steer and drive with one or both arms.

The eTrike also comes with a throttle twist grip or thump lever, which can power the mobility device up to 8mph. The hub motor weighs 6kg and fits neatly under the seat of the eTrike and has five power settings. It also has a 12.8Ah, 36V Lithium Ion battery, which comes with a mains charger so it is easy to remove and recharge.

Furthermore, the electric assist settings are displayed on an LCD screen and show the speed, distance, average speed, max speed and power settings. The eTrike weighs 25kg, folds to fit in the boot of most cars and is compact and manoeuvrable enough for a range of different environments, such as in the countryside or in urban settings.

Talking about the launch of the new product, Tim said: “I’m absolutely thrilled to be launching the eTrike – it really compliments our existing all terrain wheelchair range and will broaden our appeal in the mobility wheelchair sector.

“As with all our off-road wheelchairs quality, comfort and safety is at the forefront when I’m designing and again this has not been compromised. I’ve also been giving all our models a facelift, using new chassis parts and making the whole range modular and upgradeable.

“Another main aim as part of the eTrike development was to ensure that anyone who already has a Mountain Trike can benefit from the improvements and an electric power assist kit (eKit) is available which can be back-fitted to the Mountain Trike in the same way that the lever drive system can be added to the MT Push model.

“It is exciting times for myself and the team at Mountain Trike as we keep moving forward and innovating.”

Stephen Hughes, a long time Mountain Trike customer and advocate of the company’s products, clocked up hundreds of miles using a loan prototype over a 12-month period.

He commented: “I have had my Mountain Trike for about 8 years and try to get out on it daily, so when Tim asked if I would be interested to test ride the eTrike I was more than happy to help.

“As soon as I could I was out on this new eTrike and it didn’t disappoint  – what a game changer! Tim has managed to keep all the cross country ability and added power. What is genius is the flexibility to drive it – you can use no power, a combination of power and the drive, or all power.

“I’ve travelled miles, testing in rain, snow, mud and even through floods and it just keeps going. Hills, curbs, uneven pavements when combining the power of the drive with the electric motor is amazing and can cope with anything – with the simple twist throttle you can choose your own speed to help power you forward.

“Recently my condition has deteriorated which has meant me losing some strength and gaining some pain, but thanks to the eTrike I can still get out everyday with the dog or on a walk with my wife knowing that if I’m having a bad day the motor takes me around and if its a good day its all me, however, most of the time its a combination of the motor and me.

“This flexibility gives me the confidence to go further and push harder knowing I have the eTrike motor to fall back on.  I really don’t think I could do with out it now – all the advantages of the old Trike but on steroids and I’m told it’s cool too!”

The eTrike will retail for £6,795.00 and the eKit can be purchased for £2,295.00, which can be fitted to the standard Mountain Trike. The eTrike also comes with a choice of any colour frame and adaptations can be made on request.

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