What products are retailers in the industry raving about?

Wondering which products are grabbing retailers’ attention? Each month, retailers in the mobility industry highlight one product that has stood out for them and why…

Karen People First Mobility headhsotPeople First Mobility’s pick of the month

Adult Bibs

Managing Director Karen Sheppard

“This month I have chosen the adult bib as a product of the month. It is not something that you would normally think would sell well but demand for bibs has increased over the winter.

Adult bib image“There are different sizes and makes on the market and on doing some research, you can even buy ones that look like waistcoats if the person wants to feel smart for an event but still have the protection of a bib against spills.

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“The one pictured here has been one of the best-sellers that we have found when testing a few. It is an attractive, tartan, full-length bib offering good protection for the wearer’s clothes from drooling & dribbling difficulties and even from food spillages while eating or feeding. It is also practical for when sat in a chair or when in bed. The longer length is something that the customers and end-users appreciate as a feature of the bib.

“It fastens around the neck with hook and loop so it can be adjusted easily and is comfortable to wear. Not having a pop stud like many designs also makes it easier for people with limited dexterity to be able to fasten it.

“It has a waterproof backing with a hardwearing polycotton outer and it is fully washable. A worthwhile addition to the showroom.”


TPG DisableAids Alastair GibbsTPG DisableAids’ pick of the month

Joerns Healthcare’s Oxford Switch

Managing Director Alastair Gibbs

“Inevitably, when offering products for the elderly and disabled, you will come across clients with a tremendous variety of disabling conditions. Some of which are simple and easy to accommodate with ‘mainstream’ products such as scooters, basic wheelchairs, riser recliners or profiling beds, etc.

Joerns Healthcare Oxford Switch image“But some conditions are pushing the boundaries on where shop staff and showroom assistants are comfortable. These are often related to limited mobility and lack of ability to transfer from one seat to another.

“Whereas I do not think everyone needs to be a manual handling expert or be adept in the use of hoists and slings – which is often highly specialised and needs greater skills and confidence to be safe whilst carrying out transfers – I do think that the use of first stage transfer aids is a very logical step into the safe transfer of clients and into the products you are already selling.

“To that end, we have always stocked and sold transfer aids and stand aids, but a new entry to the market is proving to be a real winner, The Oxford Switch from Joerns Healthcare.

“This simple and effective design is the ideal way to help users make safe transfers into the chair or bed you are offering for sale, for those customers that are only mobile with assistance. It encourages their participation in the transfer and can actually help their long-term mobility by encouraging this minor form of exercise.

“Additionally, of course, it is an easy add on sale to the original product as well as maybe the first step into manual handling products for the purely mobility showroom.”


Michelle Mossford imageAbleworld’s pick of the month

Drive’s Hurrycane

Senior Marketing Manager Michelle Mossford

“I think we’ve all witnessed a situation where a customer has placed a walking stick down for it to immediately fall over. Unlike traditional canes, because of the wide, 360-degree pivot base on this walking stick, the HurryCane doesn’t fall over and stays in situ wherever placed.

Drive Hurrycane image“This walking stick offers users full support and ensures incredible balance when moving from a sitting to a standing position and stabilises, pivots and bends depending on the situation.

“The Hurrycane is a height adjustable and foldable walking stick with a wide base for added stability. It has three-point contact base for steadiness and traction giving it the same amount of stability as a foot which can help users with even the toughest of terrains.

“A must-have, easy to use walking stick made from aluminium in four vibrant colours, the Hurrycane has eight height adjustments and folds into three for storage or transport. This walking stick also features a wrist strap for added safety and a storage bag.”


Dominic Style Mobility headshotStyle Mobility’s pick of the month

Strident’s batteries

Director Dominic Goldsmith

“Although not they’re not directly a mobility product I would like to shine a light on Strident batteries this month. As a mobility retailer, batteries are an essential.

“If all mobility companies and suppliers took as much care of their customers and offered the same unrivalled levels of customer service and quality of products as Strident, it would make life incredibly straight forward.

“From day one they have delivered the highest quality batteries, tyres and tubes to our door (normally the very next day) coupled with a polite, helpful sales team you really can’t go wrong!”


Craig Topping imageBetter Mobility’s pick of the month

Progeo’s Yoga wheelchair

Business Manager & Senior Seating Specialist Craig Topping

“The Progeo Yoga Active wheelchair mixes technical engineering with Progeo’s famous stylised design to create a chair with a smooth, accessible and simple folding action.

“This single-handed, quick folding feature and compact frame makes storing and transporting the wheelchair incredibly easy for any user on the go. Both the user and family or friends can fold and transport the Yoga with limited training and effort, making it an ideal investment for anyone who’s looking for a wheelchair to suit the fast pace of life today.

Progeo Yoga wheelchair image

“With its unique mechanism, the Yoga can go from a compact, folded wheelchair to an active rigid chair when opened for use, making it a true innovation in wheelchair design.

“Progeo truly put the user first with their huge selection of components for their range of chairs and bespoke designs to make each chair unique to the individual.

“The Progeo Yoga is an innovative and unique wheelchair that we find very popular with our clients in 2019.”


Darren Macey imageLifestyle & Mobility’s pick of the month

Sunrise Medical’s Quickie Krypton

Business Development Manager Darren Macey

“As a specialist mobility dealer, we at Lifestyle & Mobility are always looking for exciting new products that come to market. So, we have chosen the Quickie Krypton as our product of the month. We thought the product was so great, we even built its very own website www.quickiekrypton.co.uk

“Our customer is not just interested about what the product looks like anymore, they are also interested in the story behind it and how it is made. I love how Ryan Hirst and Mike Prosser at Sunrise Medical have brought this product to market; you can really tell they wanted the customer to feel the whole journey on how the product was made and have taken the customer back to the 1980’s when the first quickie chair was made.

Sunrise Medical Quickie Krypton image

“In the Quickie Krypton, they use and unique manufacturing process in wheelchair technology called ‘x braid’ which ensures strength, rigidity and constant quality. This has therefore given us revolutionary material and a wheelchair that is stronger, stiffer and lighter than ever before – bringing the weight down to 3.65kg.

“Our customers love them, we love them and that why this is our product of the month.”


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