Find out which new walking aid solutions are on the market to provide a competitive edge to mobility retailers and offer something unique to end-users.

TAiMA SGT rollator from Dietz – exclusive to Able2

TAiMA SGT rollator from Dietz – exclusive to Able2

At just 5.3kg, the TAiMA SGT rollator from Dietz is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to manoeuvre.

The ergonomically handles are designed to be comfortable to hold for users and boast one of the lowest heights on the market at 76cm minimum, making it ideal for the more petite user.

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The metallic finish also goes beyond giving a stylish finish but is also robust, easily managing to cope with day-to-day use.

Additionally, underneath a well-sized seat is a generous mesh bag with handles that can be removed and used independently of the rollator, if needed.

With a smooth folding mechanism, the rollator locks into place with an audible click when unfolding, confirming to the user that they are ready to go.

Crutches from Flexyfoot

Flexyfoot Crutches

With so many crutches being supplied through the NHS for short term users, it can be easy to overlook those who depend on them on an ongoing basis and for whom long-term performance is paramount.

Manufactured with care to deliver high-quality, Flexyfoot’s stylish, textured, lightweight, black, quiet crutch combines the functionality of the Flexyfoot ferrule for a product that looks good and reliably performs.

Available with either an open or closed cuff and with either straight or anatomic soft feel handles, they can be purchased individually or as pairs.

Contact the company to learn more about its new 2020 prices or for more information on the entire range of complementary products.

Tri Walker with Seat from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Tri Walker with Seat from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

A step up from the more traditional walker design, this innovative walking aid is the first three-wheel walker in the Drive DeVilbiss range and features a comfortable seat as standard, enabling users to take a rest when out and about.

Boasting an attractive, metallic steel frame, the Tri Walker with Seat is lightweight and portable at only 7kg, offering stability and security to the user. The handles are height adjustable, and its loop lock cable brakes can be easily applied.

Additionally, the product includes handy side pockets and easily folds for compact storage.

With a max user weight of 18 stones, the tri-walker comes available in blue or red.

Canes from Classic Canes

Canes from Classic Canes

Founded when Ben and Diana Porter discovered their Somerset woodland was naturally growing suitable raw material for wooden walking sticks, Classic Canes has been supplying high-quality canes to the trade since 1982.

Over the years, the family-owned firm has grown to include over 700 different styles of walking sticks, folding canes, orthopaedic sticks, fashionable styles and collectors’ canes, always with the emphasis on function and fashion.

With the company’s motto of ‘you cannot afford to buy cheap’ underpinning its approach to the market, Classic Canes constantly releases new styles to ensure it remains at the forefront of modern walking stick design, whilst still celebrating traditional models, sustainable production and woodworking skills.

Recently, the company released new designs in association with the National Gallery, such as its National Gallery Bosschaert folding cane [pictured].

HurryCane from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Hurrycane Folded from Drive DeVilbiss

A trade favourite and the most selected product in our Retailers’ Products of the Year 2019 awards, the HurryCane was designed from the ground up to provide a superior walking experience, with support and confidence with every step.

Aiming to reinvent the walking stick, the freestanding design of the HurryCane with three-point contact at the base means that the cane can aid users when moving from a sitting to a standing position.

Additionally, its unique pivoting base also simulates walking motion, providing stability at any angle and enabling the cane to tackle many terrains.

Featuring a 360-degree pivoting head and eight height adjustments, the HurryCane also folds easily and comes with a dual-purpose wrist strap and travel bag.

Walking Sticks from Flexyfoot

Walking Sticks from Flexyfoot

Walking sticks, a fundamental part of any mobility offering, come in all shapes and sizes. The mobility aids can be a vital lifeline to those with mobility needs and the right stick can have a dramatic improvement on a person’s life.

While often inexpensive, the walking aids can also be low in quality, performance and durability.

The Flexyfoot ferrule helps reduce the risk to stick & crutch users by offering increased grip, durability, comfort and safety – all verified by independent ISO testing.

The sticks are manufactured using high-quality materials and described as “quiet, comfortable and safer” by the company.

Available with three different handle designs, including Flexyfoot’s signature Oval Easy Grip to reduce hand strain and pressure, the company has also confirmed its newly reduced 2020 prices across its walking stick range.

Rollz Flex from Rollz

Rollz Flex from Rollz

A fully certified rollator with the look of a designer shopper, the lightweight Rollz Flex features a large and practical bag capable of carrying up to 20 kg.

Weighing only 7.4kg, the rollator manoeuvres easily and supports a stable and comfortable walk.

EZ Fold-N-Go rollator from Stander – exclusive to Able2

EZ Fold-N-Go rollator from Stander – exclusive to Able2

Claimed to be “the world’s most portable rollator” by the manufacturers, the easy fold mechanism makes the EZ Fold-N-Go rollator from Stander ultra-compact when collapsed at a mere 33x25cm.

Metallic colour options add a touch of personality whilst the shopping basket and seat make the product a practical choice when out and about.

With its enhanced manoeuvrability highlighted as one of the product’s key selling points, the EZ Fold-N-Go also boasts well-positioned responsive lockable brakes which are easy to engage, enabling the user to keep the rollator in one place when standing or sitting.

Height adjustable handles complete the package.

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