Each month, discover key products from a different segment of the mobility market to consider offering to customers. In the August 2020 Buyers Guide, THIIS reveals some of the stairlifts, homelifts and access products on the market for dealers to take notice of.

Flow2 from Access BDD

Access BDD Flow2 image

Manufactured using the latest stairlift technology, the award-winning Flow2 can be installed on almost any type of staircase.

The Automatic Swivel and Levelling technology (ASL) allows the Flow2 to be fitted on stairs as narrow as 610 mm. Unique to the Flow2, this ASL feature enables the device to turn while in motion, making it one of the most adaptable stairlifts on the market.

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With a wide choice of configuration options, the Flow2 is tailor-made to each individual staircase, providing a versatile home mobility option to meet the needs of any household.


Handicare 2000 curved stairlift

Handicare 200 stairlift image

The curved 2000 stairlift from Handicare is created with ease of use, reliability and safety as priorities.

Suitable for a wide range of homes and user needs, the lifts are made-to-measure so they can travel smoothly around corners, across intermediate landings and even up spiral staircases.

A twin rail system delivers strength and stability whilst enabling tight bends, and, according to the company, the system offers the tightest bend available from any manufacturer making it an ideal choice for compact stairs and hallways.

The 2000 comes available in three rail colours, with a choice of seats and manual or powered swivel seat and footrest.


Outdoor Bruno Elite Stairlift imageThe Outdoor Bruno Elite Stairlift from Bruno

The Elite stairlift has been designed and built specifically for the outdoors to offer a smooth, quiet ride from start to finish, says Bruno.

The marine grade outdoor lift is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and is performance tested from -15C to +52C. The lift comes as a straight or a custom-made curve.


Stiltz Duo Classic from Stiltz

Stiltz Duo Classic image

The original Stiltz Homelift, the solid-sided Duo Classic is the entry-level product in the Stiltz range.

It can carry two persons between two floors in the home and at 0.55m², the Classic can fit into almost any home, with the company describing it as the perfect alternative to a stairlift.

The energy efficient homelift simply plugs straight into a standard 13-amp socket, using the same amount of energy it takes to boil a kettle.

According to Stiltz, Duo Classics are frequently chosen as the model when DFG funding is applied for to assist users in making their homes more accessible.


HomeGlide from Access BDD

HomeGlide from Access BDD image

HomeGlide is one of the most cost-effective, reliable and easy to install stairlifts in the market today, according to the company.

Access BDD’s entry model of its straight stairlift range, the HomeGlide comes available with a manual swivel, padded seat and a heavy-duty drive as standard with a hinged rail and intermediate park position as an option.

The HomeGlide Extra completes the family with a range of optional extras including a linked footrest and powered swivel. In addition, the company claims its aluminium rail and drive technology remain one of the most reliable in the industry.


Rapid Ramp from Rapid Ramp

Rapid Ramp image

The Rapid Ramp from modular metal ramp manufacturer and installer Rapid Ramp, has a fully adjustable design that can be changed and adapted to suit different sized residential and public spaces or buildings.


Altura Platinum from Access BDD

Altura Platinum from Access BDD image

The newest generation of Access BDD hydraulic home lifts, the Altura Platinum is the latest product to join the company’s premium Altura homelift family.

Built on the foundations of its successful Gulliver & Orion technology, the Altura Platinum is described as the perfect solution for private home and public installations, both indoors and outdoors.

Tailored to match a customer’s requirements and fit into any surroundings, the Altura Platinum offers premium features, comfort and versatility.


Handicare non-handed 1100 straight stairlift

Handicare 1100 image

Handicare’s next generation straight stairlift is a versatile and stylish model that’s quick to install, reliable and easy to use. Designed to be aesthetically pleasing, the 1100 features smooth and quiet friction drive technology and a toothless rail with no oil or grease so it’s easy to keep clean.

The slimline 1100 is non-handed and available with manual or powered seat and footrest options, making it ideal to hold in stock so dealers can respond quickly whatever the installation requirements.

It’s also easily upgraded, accommodating users whose needs are likely to change in the future.


Elesse Homelift from Wessex Lifts

Wessex Lifts image

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the fully compliant Elesse Homelift enables any users to operate it unaided with no pit or step up required.

Describing the homelift as easy to install, the Elesse comes with custom colours, wraps and sizes available.


Stiltz Trio+ Homelift from Stiltz

Stiltz Trio+ image

This clear-sided, larger Stiltz Trio+ Homelift enables wheelchair users to access all floors of their home with ease.

Highlighting safety is paramount for wheelchair users, the Stiltz Trio+ with its gently angled access ramp enables safe travel between floors without the need for highly risky transfers at the top and bottom of the stairs.

The standard Trio+ moves between two floors, however, there’s an option for a 6m, three-stop model. The Trio+ also has the option of an automatic door and a ThurCar configuration (entry/exit from opposite sides).

Like all Stiltz models, it is free-standing and runs on two vertical rails.


Handicare Freecurve imageHandicare Freecurve curved stairlift

The Handicare Freecurve is a single rail system tailor-made for each staircase and completely customisable to fit with any home décor style.

Seat options include Classic, Elegance or Alliance, as well as the company’s patented Active Seat, which provides assistance for users needing additional support when getting on or off. In addition, the specially developed Turn & Go Seat is also available for very narrow curved staircases or for people who have difficulty bending their knees.

The system comes with manual or powered swivel seat and footrest and it folds up neatly to leave as much space free for other stair users.


Stiltz Duo+ Homelift from Stiltz

Stiltz Duo+ image

The curved, clear-sided Stiltz Duo+ Homelift is designed to combine practicality and style, complementing both contemporary and traditional home décors.

Comfortably carrying two persons, the quiet and discreet lift boasts subtle in-car lighting for safety and convenience.

Because of its styling, Stiltz says the Duo+ is often chosen by homeowners looking to futureproof their home for the coming years. As a result of its modularity, once building works are complete, Duo+ can install in around a day.


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