From lightweight folding products to heavy-duty all-terrain models, mobility scooters are one of the most innovative and popular segments of the mobility market. With established players and ambitious newcomers all vying for retailers’ attentions, THIIS guide to mobility scooters reveals some of the products on the market for dealers to take notice of.

Alumina from Motion Healthcare

Alumina mobiity scooter

The Alumina range offers the innovation of both an Aluminium chassis and Lithium battery technology, making it the lightest car boot scooter with the longest range, according to Motion Healthcare.

Offering up to 15 miles range with a lightweight 4kg battery pack for the standard model, the Alumina Pro goes even further with a 30-mile range (the longest of any car boot scooter says the company) and only a 5kg battery pack.

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A smaller battery pack is also available which complies with the Civil Aviation Authority’s regulations for air travel.

Both the Alumina and Alumina Pro are designed to be disassembled easily for transportation, with the heaviest part weighing just 10kg, and both are also fitted with all-round suspension, giving an impressive ground clearance. The long and flat floorpan and adjustable tiller also allow generous legroom and the soft grip tiller handlebar and a larger than standard seat make for a comfortable ride.

Mayfair Lite from Freerider

Mayfair mobility scooter

Freerider has been making high-quality mobility scooters for 25 years now and their Mayfair range has always had a cast-iron reputation for strength, durability and reliability.

New for 2020, Freerider has released a lower-priced ‘Lite’ model, customisable with seat and handlebar options, making the Mayfair more accessible than ever.

Knight ElectroFold from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Drive DeVilbiss Knight mobility scooter

The Knight ElectroFold Scooter represents a new level of innovation in Drive DeVilbiss’ folding scooter range and comes filled with head-turning features, including its advanced 12-second Electrofold operation.

Boasting keyless ignition and a snazzy digital LCD control panel which displays the time, temperature, battery gauge and low/high speed settings, the Knight Electrofold also has a striking aesthetic.

Available in Knight Black or Armour Silver, the scooter also includes pioneering Laser Drive Technology to provide a steering guide when driving and bright LED Drive Vision Lighting in the front and rear.

Impressively folding to a compact size for easy transportation and storage, the model has a maximum range of 9 miles, maximum speed of 4mph and weighs 33.4kg in total.

MM4 from Monarch Mobility

MM4 Monarch

The MM4 was introduced into the Monarch range early this year, ready for the summer.

A large 4mph scooter built for comfort, with the ability to carry up to 25 stone at a speed of 4mph to a distance of 23 miles, this scooter has full suspension LED lights and a fully cushioned Captain’s Seat which ticks the boxes many 4 mph can’t, says the company.

Vista & Vista DX from Electric Mobility

Vista and Vsta DX Electric Mobility

These powerful mid-size 4mph transportable scooters are ideal for longer, more comfortable days out when customers can go back to enjoying the outdoors this summer.

The pair includes full suspension, a Comfort or Captain’s seat, a generous turning circle and quick release features as they dismantle into 6 parts.

Mobility dealers can offer customers solid tyres or the option of pneumatic tyres at no extra cost and close the sale with the convenient off-board charger which is available as standard on both models.

Sturdy enough for long adventures yet small enough to nip around town says the company, the Vista range has options to suit all needs.

For a lightweight feel when transportation is a priority, the Vista 34Ah battery model is the best fit, whilst users can enjoy increased range for longer periods of use and family days out with the Vista DX 50Ah battery.

The Hybrid from Monarch Mobility

Hybrid Monarch Mobility

Described as having the DNA of both powered mobility devices, the new Hybrid 2-in-1 aims to give retailers’ customers the best of both worlds, with the device capable of being turned into either.

Capable of being split in seconds, the Hybrid can be transformed between devices within minutes, proving an ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor use in either form, says the company.

Fitting into the boot of most cars, the heaviest part of the Hybrid is 16.6kg when in its powerchair form, making it easy for customers to lift.

When transformed into its powerchair form, the Hybrid can carry a maximum weight of 21 stones and can go up to a speed of 4mph for up to a 15-mile radius, dependant on terrain and carry weight.

As a mobility scooter, the Hybrid boasts LED lighting, an electromagnetic braking system, an off-board charging facility and even storage space for shopping with under-seat storage and a shopping basket.

Available in a choice of four colours and with a maximum speed of 4mph, the product is truly unique on the market.

The eFOLDi Lite from eFOLDi

eFoldi Lite

When it comes to portable mobility scooters, weight matters. Aiming to reach a new level of lightweight in the folding scooter market, eFOLDi has developed its Lite model, weighing just 15kg whilst boasting a 120kg carry capacity and 20km range.

Easy to set up and fold, the fully airline compliant device is no larger than a small suitcase when folded.

Also featuring electro-magnetic brakes and powered by an advanced 10AH Li-ion battery, the scooter also has a lower ground clearance to make it more accessible.

Lithilite by Motion Healthcare

Lithilite Motion healthcare

Motion Healthcare’s popular Lithilite range incorporates innovative Lithium-battery tech into a tried and tested design, offering up to 15 miles range with a lightweight 4kg battery pack.

Both the Lithilite and Lithilite Pro can be easily disassembled to aid in transportation and are fitted with all-round suspension and noteworthy ground clearance.

The long and flat floorpan and adjustable tiller also allow generous legroom and the soft grip tiller handlebar makes for an amazingly comfortable ride.

Easy Rider from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Easy Rider Scooter DDH

With its striking design and stunning instrumentation, the Easy Rider offers precise handling that the company says must be experienced to be appreciated.

Inspired by the success of the Sport Rider, Drive DeVilbiss’ design team developed a new model aiming to take the luxury scooter market by storm, with a plethora of interesting features.

The scooter has enhanced all-round lighting to improve outdoor visibility for when the sun sets, telescopic front motorbike suspension for optimal handling and a trip computer with odometer for measuring the distance the user has travelled.

Illuminated controls featuring a twin dial digital dash adds to the quality whilst a throttle lever with the automatic safe-braking system allows the rider to feel the same sensation of freedom and mobility as they would touring the open road on a Harley.

With a maximum speed of 8mph and maximum range of 31 miles, the Easy Rider boasts a maximum weight capacity of 180kg (28st) and a number of other attractive features to grab end-users’ attentions in retailers’ showrooms.

Smilie & Smilie Auto from Electric Mobility

Smilie and smilie Auto

Offering a petite, portable and personal 4phm Lithium-ion powered folding scooter to its network of authorised dealers, Electric Mobility’s Smilie range is its high-quality model designed for the growing compact market.

The range is available as either a manual scooter with an easy-to-fold mechanism or as a powered auto-folding option which can fold and unfold in seconds at just the click of a button.

Developed for use at home or abroad, these lightweight scooters can be easily transported in cars, trains, planes and cruise ships thanks to its small size and Airline Compliant 11.6Ah Lithium-ion battery option which weighs just 2.8kgs / 6.2lbs – giving all customers a range of up to 7.5 miles to explore their travel destination.

Other key features include a practical front handle for increased accessibility, a fold-down backrest, easy-to-remove adjustable armrests and 14.5-inch seat height to provide comfort and support for long journeys.

eDrive from Motion Healthcare

eDrive Motion healthcare

Automatically folding at the touch of a button in just 12 seconds, the compact eDrive has been designed to slot effortlessly into small spaces.

Once stored, the removable battery pack enables users to simply slide out the lightweight lithium battery to charge indoors, leaving the rest of the scooter stored and ready for its next journey.

Despite its compact shape, the travel-friendly eDrive offers plenty of legroom and ground clearance, along with an impressive weight limit of 136kg (21 stone).

The adjustable tiller also enables users to set the most convenient height for their comfort, adding to the eDrive’s upholstered seat with padded folding armrests which has a slot to carry a spare battery, doubling the standard range of 12 miles to 24 miles.

For retailers’ customers keen to travel, the company also includes a heavy-duty travel bag specifically designed to protect the eDrive when its folded up.

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