Find out about the key products from the bathing and toileting segments helping to provide vulnerable customers with dignity and independence.

Carendo from Arjo

ArjoHunt Carendo

The Carendo facilitates an efficient hygiene and showering routine within a single transfer while allowing a comfortable working posture for the caregiver.

The device’s Care Raiser function enables access for dignified care, while also streamlining hygiene routines, enabling caregivers to dress, undress, toilet, shower and perform other hygiene tasks.

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According to research, using Carendo results in caregivers adopting 77% improved postures, compared to only 48% when washing a person in the bed.

Bellavita Bathlift from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Drive DeVilbiss Bellavita Bathlift

The Bellavita is a lightweight battery-powered reclining bathlift with a front aperture for improved personal hygiene and a wide range of accessories available.

Very low seat travel of 6cm (2.4”) from the bottom of the bath allows improved water immersion – ideal for shallow baths.

Weighing only 9.3kg / 20.5lb without the handset and with a weight capacity of 22st (140kg), the Bellavita separates easily and quickly into two lightweight sections for ease of fitting/removal, storage and transportation.

Operated easily by the lithium battery-powered hand control, the backrest reclines to a maximum angle of 50 degrees, enabling the user to relax in comfort.

Raised toilet seats from Able2

Able2 Toilet Seat Riser

Designed to make life easier in the bathroom for users, the lightweight plastic raised toilet seats provide extra height to prevent the user from having to lower themselves quite so far. The lidded option of the raised toilet seat also doubles as a seat, which the company says is ideal for those in need of a moment’s rest before carrying out other bathroom activities.

All parts of the toilet seat can be cleaned – even autoclaved – and they attach quickly and securely to the toilet bowl.

The Solo Toilet Lift from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Drive DeVilbiss Solo Toilet Seat

Drive DeVilbiss’ Solo Toilet Lift replicates natural standing movement at the touch of a button, assisting users to help themselves get up into a standing position.

The battery-powered device enables users with restricted mobility to get on and off the toilet at the touch of a button and the seat can be stopped at any position to suit user comfort and support requirements.

With no specialist installation required, setting up the aid simply requires removing the existing toilet seat and placing over the toilet bowl.

With a smooth, wipe-clean surface for easy cleaning, the Solo Toilet Lift range also includes models available with tilt-up armrests (with/without integral operating controls) to provide additional user support.

Marlbrook Wall Panels from AKW

AKW Wallboards - Quartz

Offering a stylish waterproof finish to users’ bathrooms, the Marlbrook Wall Panels from AKW provide a scratch-resistant finish and luxurious feel. The panels enable the creation of a sophisticated bathroom that is easy to clean and maintain.

Malibu and Sovereign from Arjo

Arjo Malibu

Designed to give care providers a solution that benefits a broad range of residents, the Malibu and Sovereign baths are both height-adjustable, which can reduce the risk of static overload.

The Sovereign’s contoured base provides additional support for the thighs and knees.

With Air Spa therapy available as an option, both baths are compatible with Arjo transfer aids and with active and passive hoists.

iD incontinence pants from Ontex Healthcare

Ontex iD-pants

With the majority of the population shifting towards the 55+ age group and with people will living longer in their own homes, Ontex Healthcare has re-launched its iD incontinence pants collection.

The new-look range offers many key benefits including triple skin protection through fast absorption, 100% breathability and an improved top sheet with a mix of camomile, Vitamin E, protein and zinc oxide.

According to the company, super absorbent particles which contain an anti-odour system provide extra confidence and comfort, while users have the reassurance that the range has been approved by dermatologists.

System 2000 from Arjo

Arjo Rhapsody Bath

The Rhapsody and Primo baths provide a range of options including Hydromassage, as well as Sound & Vision features, creating a calm multisensory bathing experience.

Height-adjustable to help promote eye contact and one-to-one interactions between carer and resident, the baths can be accessed by ceiling lift, adjustable-height bath chair or bath trolley.

Capable of accommodating a wide range of needs, the bathtubs offer enhanced usability for a single caregiver and encourage bathing for well-being, while also boasting integrated disinfection features.

Palma Vita wash and dry toilet from Closomat

Closomat Palma Vita

Believing everyone deserves the right to live their best life, regardless of the challenges they face in their intimate toileting needs, Closomat’s Palma Vita is a flexible and customisable wash & dry toilet designed to meet the needs of the individual, both now and in the future.

Etac S.P.A. Collection from Etac

Etac SPA collection

The S.P.A. (Safe. Personal. Assistance) Collection from Etac comprises a Rex toilet arm support, Flex grab rail and Relax shower seat from the Scandinavian manufacturer.

According to the company, all three have a unique function but work together to give users the chance to continue being themselves.

Anti-slip Bathroom Stickers from Tenura

Anti-slip Bathroom Stickers from Tenura

These self-adhesive, anti-slip bathroom stickers from Tenura are designed to reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents in the bath or shower. Easy to apply, with a comfortable non-abrasive surface under-foot while reducing slip-risks, the stickers come in strip or disc shapes with white or clear colour options.

The Gentleman’s Toilet Aid from Gordon Ellis & Co

The Gentleman’s Toilet Aid from Gordon Ellis

After two years of development, Gordon Ellis & Co has created a toilet aid aiming to meet all toileting needs for gentlemen.

Designed to fit every type of toilet bowl shape, including square toilets and wash and dry bidets, the Gentleman’s Toilet Aid can be converted easily into a commode.

Height adjustable and autoclavable, the device features a fully open front for better access when cleaning.

Aston Commode Mobile Shower Chair from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Drive DeVilbiss Aston Commode

A versatile solution for showering and toileting needs, the Aston can be used solely as a commode where access to a toilet is difficult as well as assist in transporting users with restricted mobility from the toilet to shower, or vice versa.

Boasting a moulded seat for comfort and warmth, the product also has a front cut-away and rear recess to facilitate personal hygiene.

In addition, the chair comes with an easily attached, self-propelling rear wheel kit, as well as tool-free height.

The chair can also be easily tailored to suit the individual user, with tool-free height- and angle-adjustable footplates that swing in & out and a tool-free, height-adjustable backrest.

Astor Matira from Astor Bannerman

Astor Bannerman Astor Matira

The Astor Matira is a bathing solution designed to adapt to changing circumstances and family usage.

The bath is height adjustable and incorporates a detachable seat & trolley transfer system.

When the seat is detached, a headrest can be added for bathers not using the seat transfer.

The bath also features a range of optional extras, including an air spa feature, as well as lights and Bluetooth music.

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