Rifton Tram Seated Transfer device recall in situ
Rifton Tram

Rifton Equipment, a manufacturer of adaptive equipment for children and adults, has issued a voluntary recall on the body support buckle from its Rifton TRAM and E-Pacer transfer and mobility devices.

Both the TRAM and the E-Pacer are transfer and mobility devices that can be used for seated transfers or as a support for standing or ambulation.

The devices’ body support buckles play an important role in helping secure the client in the body support systems, however, Rifton received complaints of buckles failing to latch securely, creating a risk of falls that could result in serious or fatal injuries.

According to the company, a design change within the buckle may lead to the buckle’s internal springs breaking over time, making the buckle more difficult to securely latch, which could result in a sudden release during transfer.

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The recall affects Rifton’s K310 and K320 TRAMs that were manufactured between July 4th 2012 and April 4th 2018, as well as the K660 E-Pacers manufactured between June 12th 2017 and April 5th 2018.

In response to the potential risk, the company has issued a warning and is advising that any individuals or organisations with the devices should discontinue using the TRAM or E-Pacer with immediate effect until the buckle is replaced.

Rifton says it will send a replacement kit, consisting of a replacement buckle and strap assembly, four bolts and a hex key, and installation instructions, to affected parties as soon as it can, stating that the replacement process is simple and should not take more than fifteen minutes to substitute.

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