The latest exciting products to enter the market in hoists, slings and lifts. (From Feb, 2018)

Innovation delivers pressure relieving sling

In conjunction with Silvalea, Dan Medica South have introduced a unique, pressure relieving sling product that uses the company’s Treat-Eezi pressure care technology combined with Silvalea’s In-situ fabric Silva-Superfine.

According to the company, the pressure reducing design makes the Treat_Eezi Sling an excellent option for high-risk users and contains no seams and no pressure points.

Complementing Dan Medica South’s existing range of Treat-Eezi pressure relieving products which now includes a pillowcase, community bed and recliner chair pads, plus a full-length overlay available with fine vapour permeable covers, the sling helps distribute pressure more evenly, allowing end-users to be seated for longer.

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More information, including clinical trial downloads, can be found on the company’s website.

Latest compact hoist offers rising capacity

Enhancing the natural lifting pattern of the QuickRaiser range, the Molift QuickRaiser 205 sit-to-stand hoist delivers a new compact design and higher lifting capacity of 205kg.

Offering a reduced risk of ‘dragging’ when lifting through the four-point suspension that encourages natural movement, the hoist also has lower lifetime costs with no in-built actuator and lithium battery option, as well as impressive manoeuvrability and electrical adjustable legs to provide access under/around wheelchairs, toilets and more.

According to the company, the Molift QuickRaiser also boats improved efficiency with a new intuitive control panel and instructions and more ergonomic operation, thanks to easy-to-adjust leg supports and easy-grip handle.

In addition, the company’s new padded Active Sling is perfect for transfers with Molift QuickRaiser 205, featuring a clever design feature – sliding loops that self-adjust to the size of the user and provide additional grip and support around the hips when standing.

Portable Journey popular with care providers

Part of the Oxford Professional series, Joerns’ Oxford Journey is a compact folding stand-aid with a host of unique features making the aid one of the most popular choices for care providers.

With a compact, folding design for storage and transportation requiring no tools and adjustable cow-horn to accommodate a wider range of clients, the aid also includes a diagnostic control system with lift counter and overload detection.

Additionally, the stand-aid features contoured, height adjustable knee pads, removable foot-tray for walking/rehab training and the choice of two slings to help facilitate a range of care duties

The Oxford Journey possesses a safe working load of 155kg ( 24st).

Ceiling Hoist… what ceiling hoist?

Winning the Best Product award at the British Healthcare Trades Association at the end of 2017, Guldmann’s GHZ is a room covering ceiling hoist solution that draws on the company’s more than a quarter of a century experience in supplying assistive technology products designed to help people live their lives to the fullest.

Released to the market in June 2017, the GHZ’s lifting module is the first to run inside the traverse rail, minimising the installation height, which in turn delivers an attractive lifting span in rooms with a low ceiling height.

Designed to be discreet, the GHZ is an almost invisible solution according to the company, providing a safe and comfortable patient lift and an ergonomically safe working environment for the healthcare staff.

Its sleek, simple design also makes it easy to clean, a particularly important element within the healthcare sector.

To find out more about the GHZ, contact

Mobile hoist provides easier lifting of patients

Liko’s Golvo 9000 mobile hoist has a unique design available in two models, both ideal for daily transfers for adults and children. The low base model has a base measuring just 60mm in height to be used in combination with bed frames or other equipment where space for the hoist in limited.

Offering the functional advantages of an overhead hoist with the flexibility of a mobile hoist, the Golvo, with an extensive range of Liko accessories, provides a safe solution for common lifting situations across a variety of care environments.

Some of the hoists key features include a vertical lifting motion with a flexible lift strap for horizontal lifting, ambulation and lifting from the floor, parallel base, with width adjustments contributing to easier lifting of patients to/from bed, chair & floor and armrests to help support patients during ambulation.

Robin encourages better communication

Designed for optimal interaction and with an emphasis on safety, the Invacare Robin provides an innovative method of transfer.

The only ceiling hoist available that has ‘Dual Strap’ technology, the Robin offers a comfortable and safe transfer with optimal communication between client and carer.

The two-strap design has no obstructive spreader bar, helping to ensure an uninterrupted field of vision for optimal verbal and non-verbal communication. The lack of spreader bar not only provides an environment where reassurance can be provided at all times but also removes any fear that a client may have of coming into contact with the equipment or the equipment passing their face.

Featuring a maximum user weight of 200kg, in-built emergency features and an overload security system, the hoist also has a self-adjusting strap inlet that enables the straps to automatically adjust to a client’s body shape.

Trusted disposable clip slings

Manufactured by the original patient-specific sling company, Mangar disposable clip slings are widely used and trusted in the UK.

Available to purchase direct and also available through SBS and NHSSC Frameworks, the slings come in six different sizes, are colour coded for easy identification and are compatible with clip hoists used in hospitals and care environments.

Every sling is load tested to 272 kg, with rigorous quality checks completed before dispatching from the factory.

There is no additional training required for staff when switching to the slings, according to the company, as staff will be familiar with the clip sling sizing and colours.

Washable version of PRO-LOOP sling

Select Health Care (UK), in partnership with Proto Magic Innovations, have launched the Pro-Loop Universal Sling, a washable interpretation of the popular, disposable PRO-LOOP Sling.

With a safe working load of 203kg (32 stone), the PRO-LOOP Universal is a full body sling, incorporating head support, suitable for a wide range of people for general transfer. Additionally, due to the to the integral ability to hammock the sling, it can also be used by amputees.

Offering high levels of comfort and safety, the sling is the first choice for many,according the company.

In partnership with, Select Health Care (UK) manufacture and supply an extensive range of both washable and disposable hoist slings.

Stand out stand aid

The Ergolet Pallas 150 Stand Aid from Cefndy Healthcare is a compact stand aid made for individuals who are able to bear partial body weight for transitioning between seated and standing positions.

Designed with safety in mind for both the caregiver and the patient needing assistance for sling supported transitions, the device is a popular choice in homes and care homes for its ease of use.

The compact Pallas 150 boasts a range of benefits, including improving a user’s circulation by enabling the patient to raise to standing position easily, adjustable knee support of height, angle and depth and a bull-horn design of lifting arm to enable eye to eye contact with carer.

Also featuring a detachable footplate for use as a walking aid and an emergency lowering button for safety, the Pallas 150 has a weight capacity of 150kg with full spaces being exclusively available from Cefndy Healthcare.

Custom, contoured slings deliver comfort

Designed to suit each individual person’s body contours and anatomical position, Consolor’s custom contoured in situ slings aim to achieve the same goals as the company’s custom seats.

When moulding for a custom contoured seat, Consolor digitally scans the person’s body shape to create a seat that supports, accommodates and corrects posture, to achieve the best position and maximize comfort.

After years of seeing slings being left in place and rarely working well in conjunction with moulded seats, Consolor now offers slings that match clients’ body contours, as well as promoting appropriate postural positioning within the sling.

Facilitating easier transfers and precise positioning into a custom contoured seat, the company uses the digital seat shape data to make patient-specific, custom contoured slings, matching not only the client but also their seat.

The sling becomes part of their seat and provides optimum positioning and comfort.

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