Consolor wheelAIR imageGlasgow-based wheelAIR has collaborated with Consolor, a specialist in bespoke seating systems, to create a backrest which is cooling and offers postural support for users at the same time.

Although originally designed to fit on the back of lightweight wheelchairs, wheelAIR’s goal was to have its fan technology available in other seating systems too, with the right partner. That is why it teamed up with Consolor, who provides carved foam and moulded seating systems to give users postural support/correction.

The wheelAIR fan technology works by blowing air onto the backs of wheelchair users, reducing excess heat and moisture.

Kieran Cheer, Managing Director of Consolor, said: “By recessing the vents of the wheelAIR system into the carved foam backrest the custom contours are maintained and the user benefits from the cooling airflow throughout the height of the backrest.”

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Overheating is a little-known but common problem for wheelchair users, and those who require modular and custom contoured seating are often the most at risk of the associated problems. Not only is it very uncomfortable for individuals, but it can lead to serious health aliments.

Corien Staels, Managing Director of wheelAIR, added: “To collaborate with Consolor and now be able to cool people who use custom seats is a huge milestone for us.

“We know that those who use custom seats often struggle the most with heat and moisture build up, so we are excited by how this could transform their lives.”

Founded in 2006, Consolor provides posture, seating and mobility assessment services to the NHS, wheelchair services and private clients across the UK.

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