Ottobock 4R57=WR rotation adapter image

Mobility equipment specialist Ottobock has launched a new adapter for its above-knee prostheses, which aims to give wearers more movement, comfort and safety both in and out of the water.

The 4R57=WR rotation adapter is resistant to water and corrosion and enables the flexed lower leg to rotate against the socket, so it can pivot inwards or outwards as desired.

By having the rotation adapter as part of the overall prosthesis, wearers can move without back strain while putting on shoes or completing other bending activities, can sit cross-legged, and generally in a more relaxed position. The functions of the rotation adapter aim to enhance comfort as well as promote key aspects of prevention and safety.

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The 4R57=WR rotation adapter is suitable for people weighing up to 166kg and is available in two versions with different types of proximal connection — the 4R57=WR with a pyramid adapter and the 4R57=WR-ST, a space saving version with a thread, which is set for release in the spring.

In addition to the combination with the Genium X3, the rotator can also be used with the 3R80 and 3WR95 prosthetic knee joints, which are also waterproof.

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