Boomerbuggy X

A Canadian manufacturer of mobility vehicles has launched the industry’s first solar-powered, fully-enclosed mobility scooter with built-in air conditioner and heating system.

Aiming to enable users to enjoy the mobility device all year round, rain or shine, the new Boomerbuggy X is the latest creation Daymak Inc., a Toronto-based developer of light electric vehicles established by Aldo Baiocchi in 2002.

Featuring a range of up to 60km (37miles) and a 1200W motor, the Boomerbuggy X comes in four versions, with the company’s fully loaded Boomerbuggy XS version boasting a fully enclosed cabin with an 80W high-efficiency solar panel that continuously trickles charges a 60V 50AH lithium-ion battery.

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The XS also includes a number of unique features more commonly found on modern cars, such as a built-in air conditioner and heater, alarm system, stereo, reversing camera and shopping bag space.

Daymak Boomerbuggy Scooter X

“We have re-designed the mobility scooter experience,” said Aldo Baiocchi, President of Daymak.

“Seniors and people with mobility issues will not be limited to travelling only when it’s sunny and warm. They will be able to ride in the cold, rain or sunshine, giving them freedom of mobility.”

Daymak confirmed three versions of the Boomerbuggy X have been launched onto the Canadian market, with the Boomerbuggy XS expected to launch in autumn.

“With the simple twist throttle and electronic anti-slip braking system, the ease of use makes this scooter accessible for everyone,” Yoni Erawati, Social Media Manager of Daymak.

The company says its missions is to reduce the CO2 emissions one electric vehicle at a time with vertical integration from development to retail distribution worldwide.

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