A new white paper examining the buying behaviours of over-50s market has been launched, proving a particularly valuable read for business leaders, marketeers and sales people in the mobility market.

Investigating research behaviour, media habits and post-booking actions of elderly consumers, the research was produced by Accord Marketing, in partnership with Silver Travel Advisor, with the aim of providing insights into those in the 50-59, 60-69, 70-79 and 80+ age brackets.

Presenting some interesting and unforeseen findings, the paper examines each age group segment individually, comparing which channels each audience engages with, what they prioritise and what inspires them to purchase a product.

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Sally Winfield, Chief Executive Officer at Accord Marketing, commented: “There is a tendency in marketing to treat the over-50s audience as one large collective set instead of recognising the important complexities that exist between different age groups.  As an agency that prides itself on observing the evolution of the mature market sector, we hope that brands will find this research both informative and insightful.”

The results provide fascinating insights into the mature consumer demographic, dispelling many of the assumptions held in the industry, such as consumers being technologically averse. In the white paper, data suggests that 65 percent of those surveyed spend over two hours per day on the internet and 72 percent use social media to stay connected with friends and family.

Highlighting some of the key differences that exist between different decade segments, the white paper reveals information surrounding the lead up to purchase, with those aged 80 and above favouring tangible marketing collateral, whilst those aged 50-59 demonstrate more interest in engaging with social media or third-party online review sites.

Perhaps surprisingly, the data also reveals that, in terms of encouragement to buy, the attraction of discounted offers actually decreases with age.

Available for free, professionals in the industry can receive the full report by contacting Accord Marketing’s Senior Account Manager and regular THIIS Magazine contributor John Corellis on john.corellis@accordmarketing.com

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