Prism Medical UK has launched two new products to its hoisting and transfer solutions – the Prism FSG200 Free Standing Gantry and CP200 Portable Hoist – and is offering a discounted price when bought as a package.

Prism Medical Product Gantry patient and healthcare professional
Prism FSG200 Free Standing Gantry

Produced using a high-strength, lightweight aluminium and with a max load of 200kg, the FSG200 Free Standing Gantry system is designed to provide a safe and stable hoist track in places where a fixed ceiling track may not be suitable or portable solution is required.

The company says when used in conjunction with a portable track hoist, such as the new CP200, the system proves an effective solution for home care, extending the time users are able to remain in their own home.

With floor level adjusters and a built-in-easy-slide trolley, the FSG200 aims to be a cost-effective, transportable solution that can be erected by one or two people without the need for tools, according to Prism.

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Offering what it describes as enhanced flexibility, Prism’s compact CP200 has been designed to be a quiet portable track hoist with features designed for use in hospitals, care homes and home care environments.

Prism Medical Product Hoist 2
Prism CP200 Portable Hoist

Capable of up to 60 lifts on a single charge says the company, the hoist has a maximum rated load of 200 kilos and can offer cost savings when compared to multiple fixed installations, whilst providing flexibility by being able to be quickly moved between multiple fixed ceiling track systems and used in conjunction with gantry systems.

Additionally, a quick release system on both the top and bottom of the unit allow it to be transferred between fixed and portable applications in seconds.

The new products announcement comes days after the industry learned of the acquisition of Prism Medical UK by Limerston Capital, with the moving and handling manufacturer growing significantly in the four years after its purchase by LDC and expanding its product portfolio to more than 180 products.

To take advantage of the additional benefit of purchasing both new products at a discounted package price, contact 01924 840 100

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